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Kracie Natululu Natural Skin Conditioner*

I received these awesome “skin conditioners” a few days ago from Kracie* in the Rice Extract and Yuzu (Citrus) Extract variants. I don’t usually get too excited about body products, and I left these alone for a while until I saw them again on Liz’s Instagram. This moisture-rich skin conditioner/lotion comes in the form of a watery liquid that hydrates the skin without the greasy feeling. It’s also got a plant-based Ceramide Mixture that nourishes the skin. At first, the thought of the texture put me off—I thought it was going to be similar to body oil—but this is straight up liquid that gets absorbed into the skin fairly quickly. Which makes me love it because it’s hard to wait for lotion to dry before going out in this heat. Really pretty much the best summer companion! The Kracie Natululu Skin Conditioners* are allergy-tested, fragrance-free, less acidic, coloring-free, mineral oil-free. What’s awesome about it, too, is that it can be used for the face. I usually use a face oil, but if I want something …

3CE Gel Eye Liner

Video: Korea Haul, 2014!

Finally. I asked if anyone wanted a video haul, and a few said sure, so now here we are. I actually filmed and edited an earlier version of this, but decided that the camera was too up in my grillz so I ended up re-shooting allll the footage, because it was just not working out. Anyway, this is a bit longer than I’d like my videos to be, but I find that I actually kind of really like it when hauls are kinda long. (Is that just me?) Enjoy, prs! Follow me: Bloglovin' • Twitter • Instagram • YouTube • Facebook

A Convergence of Purples

Once upon a time, I convinced myself that I would never look good in purple lipstick, and that I would never, ever want to wear it, ever. Somehow, I got it into my head that all purple lips did to people was make them look witchy. Well. Times have changed. Here are various types of purples, some leaning more pink or red or blue than others, but all are—to me—purple, as far as colors go. (Don’t mind Sad Keanu in that clam shell… it looks gross, but it’s fine.)

A Case for Bases

I may have a problem! Look at all this crap. (Just kidding, cuddles face bases.) See, I never thought I would be the kind of “makeup enthusiast” who had a thing for bases. I was always always distracted by color cosmetics, so this is kind of a weird personal revelation. This is all a restrained effort at acquiring bases, mind you. I regularly clear out my stash, and I’ve also salivated over a number of other bases I’ve chosen to pretend to not exist. All to be mentioned at the end of this post. Ahem. So what is the case for bases? There isn’t really any case for it, other than the fact that I am a fickle person and I like having options. For the record, I like having “natural looking” skin. By this, I mean, I don’t mind if a pimple peeks through or if my eye bags aren’t 100% erased by foundation and concealer (… that’s a whole other story), so most of my foundations are medium coverage, at most. I just …

Top 10 Luxury Products Under $25

So, I saw this video over at Tati (or GlamLifeGuru)’s channel and even though it’s not exactly a tag, I thought I’d go right ahead and do it. This video basically shows you some of my favorite luxury products under $25. It’s called Top 10, but it’s entirely possible that I’ve been able to try some awesome new high-end products that are under $25 that I might like better than these… we’ll see! For this video, though, I ended up picking some not-so-luxury brands that aren’t exactly drugstore. So, I’ve got a mix of high-end (e.g. BECCA, Hourglass, Le Métier de Beauté) and mid-range (e.g. MAC, bareMinerals, Urban Decay) products here. To watch Tati’s original video, click here. She did it as a collaboration with Fleur (FleurdeForce) and they gave 5 products each. Heh, I got to pick all ten. 😀 // PRODUCTS MENTIONED: 1. Le Métier de Beauté Hydra-Crème Lipsticks: Cashmere, Sahara, Signature Red ($25 ea) These are some of the easiest things to wear, I swear. LMdB’s older range of lipsticks (aka Colour …