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5 Things Friday: Cleansers on Rotation

Does anyone else enjoy rotating “regular” products? I assume this is the reason why I haven’t been able to gather enough empties at one time for a video. I like variety and I like using different products instead of sticking to one—and this is the reason for my failed minimalist dreams. Ahem. Here are five cleansers currently in my rotation right now. I’m lucky that my skin kind of bounces back from tantrums really quickly, but if yours tends to need a bit of time to regulate and recalibrate itself, I would advise against using different cleansers at one time.

5 Things Friday: YouTubers

For this week’s 5 Things Friday, I have a list of some of the people I think you guys might like to check out. Some are pretty popular, but nowhere near the levels of Estée, Ingrid, Anna, et al. I was going to include some bloggers I’d been enjoying recently, too, but I thought it was better to go with videos for now, just because it might be a bit of an overload. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Karima McKimmie I found Karima McKimmie (or Shameless Fripperies) through a tutorial for the SUQQU Sumiredama quad, which I linked below, and have been hooked ever since. Her looks are beautiful and elegant—she calls them “conceptual”—and she favors luxury brands and her makeup taste is on the pricier, hard-to-find side. I love all her looks and her face is stunning! Subscribe Lustrelux I’m not even sure how I found Katy, but I really enjoy watching her videos. Her type of makeup is a little bit more heavy-handed and adventurous than what I would normally wear, but they’re …

Wes Anderson Week: 5 Things Friday x Lazy Girl Makeup

Although the idea of a Wes Anderson week was fun in my head, it started to dawn on me that I may not have enough material to last the entire week. You see, the makeup on Wes Anderson’s heroines and female misfits kind of… recur. And are simple. So I thought of doing a post with 5 easy makeup looks inspired by Wes’s dames, as a 5 Things Friday and Lazy Girl Makeup cross-over. First, the thick black liner popularized by Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in The Royal Tenenbaums, Margot Tenenbaum. The same look can be seen sported by Anjelica Houston in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

5 Things Friday: Magical Products

Since it’s Harry Potter Week here, I decided to pattern my 5 Things Friday on 5 “Magical” Products that I’ve encountered in my brief makeup life. I have skin care and seemingly boring-ish products here, but they’re the things that actually let makeup be exciting because they take care of the basics. Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque I rotate a lot of skin care products, but this one is a mainstay. This is a great wash-off clay-like mask that just jumpstarts your skin when it’s starting to seem a little weary and dull. I don’t always remember to use this (lazy), but when I do, I always wonder why I keep forgetting about it. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer I bought this expensive bottle on a whim—serious liquid gold, folks. This just preps and primes my face for whatever else I put on it. I find that it just makes everything look better. This is what I suspect turned me into a primer nut, but even though I’ve met a lot of good ones after this …

5 Things Friday: How to Do a Duo

Eye shadow duos are sort of the “no brainer” option in Makeup Land. The colours are pre-picked for you, and if you’re like me, you would intuitively place the lighter shade of the duo on the lid and then add the darker shade on the outer “v” of your eye. Et voilà—depth and complexity! Of course, not all duos are created equal. There are some that are not so easy to use and some combinations that look pretty together, but don’t make sense when used in the aforementioned way. Here are a few ways you can play around with a duo that has stumped you.

5 Things Friday: Five Things I Wish I Knew

I thought this would be fun to kind of look back into this hole of doom (i.e. makeup obsession) and think of five things I wish I knew before I took the plunge. Research is your best friend. Trawling the WWW in the dead of the night and reading reviews without taking much in is not research. Take note of colors that work well on you—don’t be happy with “it swatches well” as a criteria. Think of what you, as a person, would like to wear on a daily basis and then take it from there. Hype fades away. Refrain from letting yourself being swept away by the newest fad or product. Sometimes, you’ll run into a few gems—ahem, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder—but hyped products are usually things you can live without. Be smart and level-headed about your purchases and consumption. Don’t always just base your opinions on a collection. I know, I know. This is your favorite thing about makeup—when the collections make sense and look whole and well thought-out. The problem is that …

5 Things Friday: Minimal Lip Wardrobe

The average person (aka non-crazy, functional) only needs five basic lipsticks. At least, in my opinion. Here are my picks for the five lipsticks you need in your minimal lipstick wardrobe. An everyday neutral Also known as “office appropriate” or “easy to wear.” This lipstick should be easy to throw on and makes you feel like you can forget about it and be able to go about your day without thinking twice about it because you can rely on it to look good no matter what. My personal picks for “everyday neutral” are MAC’s Mehr and Jubilee, THREE’s Love Like Heaven, Happy Skin’s Crushing on You and The Morning After, and KATE Rouge HG Lipstick in PK-17. A red that suits you There are many different kinds of red, it’s kind of insane. And a little confusing. Sometimes you feel like you can’t wear red, and though that’s true for a lot of people, for most of us, it’s more likely that we just haven’t found the right red for us. I like orange-y reds …