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Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Cooling Pack*

Hiya! I just washed off a strip of this stuff off my nose + a bit of my cheek area. It’s the Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Cooling Pack*, which is a most welcome source of relief from the heat and sweaty summer. Product Description The enhanced ice corset pore pack tightens open and loose pores seamlessly with a cooling effect that covers the pore. I’ve always been skeptical of pore packs (pores don’t “open” or “close”) but there are certain masks and products that reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, and this is one such product. It’s water-based and has kaolin clay as the second ingredient. Kaolin clay, even by itself, is widely used as a face mask since it absorbs oil. White Kaolin also has an astringent effect, removing impurities from the skin.

3CE Lip Lacquer in Desert Flower

And another belated review for one of my fave lip products from my Korea trip… last year. I told you I’m running on an immense backlog, you guys. Anyway, here be the 3CE Lip Lacquer in Desert Flower. It’s essentially a liquid lipstick that semi-sets to a somewhat velvety texture. It packs a lot of punch! I’ve tried another color prior to Desert Flower, a loud neon pink called Pink Boom.*

Eye Love 3CE!

I thought I’d go crazy over the eyeshadows at Stylenanda’s 3CE, but I ended up just getting two matte eyeshadows and one cream eyeshadow. I was looking at a shu uemura-style horizontal palette, but resisted the very, very strong urge to pick up yet another neutral palette. The two matte eyeshadow shades I picked up were Salmon Pink, a matte… salmon pink, and Tom Boy, a very dirty olive. Both are so gorgeous, despite looking quite boring. I think they would be perfect for understated editorial looks–much like the campaign materials of 3CE feat. Park Sora. I resisted the cream shadow selection, too, and only got a warm medium bronzey brown called Glamorous. It reminds me a lot of my favorite eyeshadow, shu uemura’s ME medium brown 885, only it’s a lot less red.

3CE Gel Eye Liner

Video: Korea Haul, 2014!

Finally. I asked if anyone wanted a video haul, and a few said sure, so now here we are. I actually filmed and edited an earlier version of this, but decided that the camera was too up in my grillz so I ended up re-shooting allll the footage, because it was just not working out. Anyway, this is a bit longer than I’d like my videos to be, but I find that I actually kind of really like it when hauls are kinda long. (Is that just me?) Enjoy, prs! Follow me: Bloglovin' • Twitter • Instagram • YouTube • Facebook

Too Cool for School Glam Rock Urban Shadows

Two of my purchases from Seoul were these Glam Rock Urban Shadows from Too Cool for School. I got a dirty olive in a satin finish (13 Viva Green) and a frosty light peach (3 Peach Glow). They are very easy colors to wear, apply, and pair together. The texture of the shadows is smooth, but not so soft and buttery that it goes all over the place. They crease on me without a primer, but so do all other eyeshadows, except for Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes.

Lip Service from Étude House

Étude House is one of the first Korean brands I was introduced to, the other one being The Face Shop. The branding is very girly and princessy—something I don’t usually gravitate to, but I heard a lot of good things about their Play 101 Pencil range. Unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed by the sheer number of shades, I ended up with only two lip-friendly shades, both in the “glossy” finish. source They used shades 54 and 55 on the “looks” I saw by the display and I loved how both looked so much. I think these are new colors from their holiday release. 🙂 It was so hard to move around the stores because they were always so full of people, but now that I can see the colors from the Play 101 line, I kind of really want all of them. Because I’m crazy.

BNTGirls Review: Claire’s Guérisson 9-Complex Cream*

So, apparently, horse fat in creams is a thing in both South Korea and Japan. The last product in my BNT Girls Box is the Claire’s Guérisson 9-Complex Cream* which has horse fat as its main ingredient to fight the evils of aging and the settling in of those pesky wrinkles. According to several listings of this “miracle product,” horse fat greatly reduces scarring and that the Guérisson 9-Complex in particular is a natural formula that’s suitable even for babies to use. The fat is rendered from horses from Germany, free from steroids, preservatives or “flavorings.”