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Lip Service from Étude House

Étude House is one of the first Korean brands I was introduced to, the other one being The Face Shop. The branding is very girly and princessy—something I don’t usually gravitate to, but I heard a lot of good things about their Play 101 Pencil range. Unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed by the sheer number of shades, I ended up with only two lip-friendly shades, both in the “glossy” finish.


They used shades 54 and 55 on the “looks” I saw by the display and I loved how both looked so much. I think these are new colors from their holiday release. 🙂 It was so hard to move around the stores because they were always so full of people, but now that I can see the colors from the Play 101 line, I kind of really want all of them. Because I’m crazy.

Anyway, another lip thing I picked up was the Dear My Wish Lips-Talk in RD302, which is a great fall color. The packaging it totally not me, but I keep telling myself: it’s the inside that counts. At least when it comes to cheap lipstick. This “melts” into your lips and delivers vivid color.

Etude House - Play 101 Pencil in 54 and 55, Dear My Wish Lipstick in RD302

Etude House - Play 101 Pencil in 54 and 55, Dear My Wish Lipstick in RD302 - Swatches
Swatched, L-R: Dear My Wish Lips-Talk (RD302), Play 101 Pencil (54), Play 101 Pencil (55)

As far as textures go, these are winners. RD302 applies really smoothly and coats the lip in a creamy blanket very easily. The bullet is a little bit hard to deal with just because it’s such a dark color that’s prone to mistakes. It’s a great lipstick, but nothing to write home about, ultimately. The reason why I like it so much is because the shade is so perfect for the holidays:

EtudeHouse RD302 - Face - Dear My Wish - Lips Talk

This is so slippy, though, so I’m scared that it might be a little high maintenance. I imagine this matte, though, and my heart swoons a little.

These Play 101 Pencils are another story, though. Both are great for the lips and the cheeks, not drying at all. Since these particular shades are in the glossy finish, they’re not long-lasting like some of the other Play 101 Pencils, though they are all multi-use—it just depends on what shade you get. They’re also retractable with a sharpener on the other end, like the Happy Skin Gel Liners.

My takeaway from this is that… I want all the pencils, haha. Here they are in action:

Etude House Play 101 - 55 on Cheeks, 3CE Gel Eye Liner in Glitter Khaki, Lipstick in Sweet Impact, Addiction Tinted Moisturizer - Face
55 on the cheeks.

Glossier + Sunscreen - Face
54 on my cheeks + dabbed away 55 then topped with 54 on the lips

Have you tried these out? They are a m a z e .

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  1. I’m SO curious about these pencils, I swear! I follow Pony (the girl in the photos!) on Youtube, and she uses these pencils for various looks. I already knew about the looks above since she made tutorials for them. LOVE the lippie on you, btw!!

    • Sobrang ganda ng mga ito, at least. I think they’re great because they’re so reasonably priced with such a great range of shades!

  2. Angela says

    The colors are beautiful! You can try dabbbing a little bit of translucent / colorless powder on top of glossy lipsticks to make it more matte. 🙂

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