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Nosy Beauty Vol. 38: Liz

For today’s Nosy Beauty, I managed to get someone I admire very much from the beauty blogging community to agree to be a part of this series (38th post, can you believe it?!)—Liz Lanuzo from Project Vanity! Project Vanity is one of the biggest beauty blogs in the Philippines, and I quite luckily managed to befriend Liz over the last few years. 🙂 Aren’t you excited that we’re about to pick her brain about beauty?

Nosy Beauty Vol. 37: Rae

For today’s Nosy Beauty, I’ve got Rae from Scatterbraintures! She is one of the most discerning and critical beauty reviewers, in my opinion. She’s more specific and particular than I am, for sure. • From my teens to my twenties, I’ve always only been just a skin care girl. ​I started using ‘real’ makeup since 2+ years ago (i.e., when I worked for Watsons). I wasn’t in marketing or sales. I worked behind the scenes, inside a cubicle. I already left the company, but I took my new found love for makeup along with me. I started using makeup because it was kind of required. Now, I think I’m starting to enjoy the whole makeup application process where I’m forced to focus and be mindful. I think it’s even better than yoga in the sense that I don’t hurry to get to the next step.

Nosy Beauty Vol. 36: Gabbie

Today’s Nosy Beauty features someone who writes pieces that I always look forward to reading. Say hi to Gabbie! 🙂 My name is Gabbie, and I’m a reforming beauty addict. Professionally, I do a lot of things for a lot of people, but I mostly write and I have a recipe-sharing space on the interwebs called The Martha Diaries.

Nosy Beauty Vol. 35: Belly

For this week’s Nosy Beauty, I have someone we’ve got a snowlady named Bellyhead. Just kidding. (Kind of.)* I’m Bellyhead of the Wondegondigo blog, which is a beauty blog featuring luxury cosmetics. In addition to blogging for fun, I work in fashion. Every so often people ask me if I do anything creative and super fashion-y, the answer would be a big NOPE. I am focused on the business side of things. I laugh when people ask me fashion advice. I would go to work in pajamas if they let me.

Nosy Beauty Vol. 34: Mikka

Hey everyone! For today’s Nosy Beauty, I’ve got my friend, Mikka. Although we went to the same university and belonged to the same batch, we didn’t meet until after we graduated… all because of our mutual friend Karen, and a love for Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. 🙂 Read on to see what’s inside her makeup bag! Mikka Wee, Managing Editor of, travel writer at where I go by “The Tiny Traveler”. Aside from eating and traveling, I love books (that’s how we connected, Carina!). I like holing myself up in coffee shops and read. I’ve also gotten into surfing lately—can’t get enough of it. I guess it’s partly responsible for the drastic change in my skin color, hahaha. I used to be on the fairer side, but now, people describe my skin tone as kayumanggi, and I absolutely love it. Here’s my Kikay Kit from Too Cool for School. I know it’s pretty tiny, so I just dump everything I can in there. Trust me, I knew what I was getting into …

Nosy Beauty Vol. 33: Danika

Hello, and welcome to another installment of Nosy Beauty. 🙂 Today, we’ll be peeking into the makeup life (and bag!) of one of my friends from college and church, Danika. She probably doesn’t know this, but she was one of the first people in school that I noticed wearing not-so obvious makeup and it made me want to try it back then. I was really surprised with what she sent (you’ll see!), but then again, I wasn’t because she was always going the extra mile, even when we were in school. • Hello! My name is Danika, 25, creative director at Classified and Nava Boutique (MNL), letterer and style blogger at 🙂 Whenever I use makeup, I always try to go for the “natural look”. Just enough is always the right amount. I don’t like putting too much on. Actually, I think I can even live without cosmetics! Cause sometimes I do leave the house barefaced and feel perfectly comfortable. But, you know, for the sake of looking presentable and appropriate for my job, …

Nosy Beauty Vol. 32: Cj

Hey everyone! Joining us for Nosy Beauty today is Cj. I’ve known of Cj from her infamous commercials as a child prodigy, but I re-encountered her in my adult life when I found out she was working at the same advertising agency as my college friend Paulina, a few years ago. I noticed she was also somewhat into makeup and asked her to do Nosy Beauty, and she said yes. 🙂 Cj de Silva-Ong is a Senior Art Director for Digital who like to paint, sketch, [make] lettering, watch movies and tinker with web (and other digital stuff like apps) design. Why I use make-up: Honestly, because it is fun. It’s like painting — I get to experiment on lights and shades and play with my features. Brushes I have been using my hands/fingers for the longest time until I got the Samantha Chapman Real Techniques Core Collection brushes from! Just like what I said, makeup, is like painting. Yes, I can finger paint, but brushes make a lot more difference, especially for contouring.  …