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Nosy Beauty Vol. 37: Rae

For today’s Nosy Beauty, I’ve got Rae from Scatterbraintures! She is one of the most discerning and critical beauty reviewers, in my opinion. She’s more specific and particular than I am, for sure.

From my teens to my twenties, I’ve always only been just a skin care girl.

Nosy Beauty Photo

​I started using ‘real’ makeup since 2+ years ago (i.e., when I worked for Watsons). I wasn’t in marketing or sales. I worked behind the scenes, inside a cubicle. I already left the company, but I took my new found love for makeup along with me. I started using makeup because it was kind of required. Now, I think I’m starting to enjoy the whole makeup application process where I’m forced to focus and be mindful. I think it’s even better than yoga in the sense that I don’t hurry to get to the next step.

Someday, I want to end up with a carefully curated makeup collection containing just a few products that I really like. Right now, my makeup shopping habits are not aligned with that goal. I used to feel really guilty about this but I realized ~baby steps.

My current ‘makeup bag’ is either the front pocket of my everyday tote bag or a mesh bag that was once the packaging of a microfiber towel. The contents of my makeup bag is ever-changing and do not represent my makeup collection and/or the whole look I go for.

Nosy Beauty Photo 4

Anyway, here’s what I mean by ‘ever-changing makeup bag contents’:

My Monday bag only contains my staples: an oil-control film, my lipstick for the day, and any powder compact that has a mirror. On most Mondays, these are the only stuff I use on mondays. My Monday brain can’t handle any more than that.

Nosy Beauty Photo 5

On a typical day, I don’t re-apply any other makeup product aside from lipstick.

Come succeeding days, I’ll add in whatever other lipstick I feel like wearing and any other additional makeup product that I think I would need to reapply. Usually, there is no ‘other additional makeup product’, but lately I’ve been bringing Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush in Gracilis — it’s a powder blush but it can be applied with fingers. Yes, you read that right.

This is, more or less, the contents of my makeup bag by the end of the week:
Nosy Beauty Photo 3

As you can tell, I don’t bring a lot of stuff.

There are 5 lipsticks because I seldom repeat lip colors. I usually wear bold colors because I technically don’t wear any other makeup product.

Nosy Beauty Photo 2
If I wore eyeliner on any day during the week, you’d see a makeup remover (or a face cleanser) and sunblock thrown in. I always anticipate that I might need to correct or erase the liner (or all of my makeup) by midday. Hehehe.

On rare occasions, when I get an angry pimple, I bring a concealer with me. My current favorite is Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer.

I leave everything else at home (e.g., foundation, bronzer, finishing powders, etc.) I also don’t tend to think about my face from the time I step out the door until I need to go to a restroom (and pee).

On Sundays, I put everything back in their designated storage spaces, then the whole cycle repeats.

Yay, thanks for playing along, Rae! 🙂 For more Rae, visit Scatterbraintures. For more Nosy Beauty, click here

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    • Hi attybladorny, I was wearing Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipstick in Crushed Plum in that photo 🙂

  1. “Someday, I want to end up with a carefully curated makeup collection containing just a few products that I really like.” *Sigh* That’s the dream. I tend to collect lipstick colors, but my eyeshadow, blush, and base tend to stay the same. A few key pieces complete the bulk of my FOTDs, so I’m just hoping to find my HGs. 🙂

  2. Yay Rae! 😀 Hoping to see a detailed review of the powder blush that can be applied with fingers!

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  4. Unpaletteable says

    ‘From my teens to my twenties, I’ve always only been just a skin care girl.’

    Well it certainly shows in your amazing complexion! Will be investigating your blog for skincare tips x

  5. bellyhead says

    Rae! Love seeing my favorite faces on Carina’s blog. 😀
    You are making laugh that you carry makeup wipes and actually end up using it! I can’t imagine (for myself) having any level of objective judgement & wipe off a face even showing terrible smears and panda eyes.
    If I worked at Watson’s, I would have the most GIANT collection of makeup! You’ve been super super super restrained. 😉

    • Belly! I got that as a GWP. What’s funnier is that I don’t buy them so when I run out I’m back to bringing a cotton pad soaked in a two-phase cleanser placed in a small ziplock bag 😛

    • Yaaaaay! 🙂

      HAHAHA Belly, we are the same. I carry them, but get too lazy to wipe and tidy up. “I think I’ll just endure panda eyez…”

    • I agree! I know what I like, but it also takes a lot for me to really, really dislike a product. At most, I’ll be ambivalent towards it.

  6. Nice Rae, You are here! Wishing that I can bring only what I need, but I can’t. Lols! I actually brought most of my makeup in the office, and my office drawer is filled with lots of makeup. *hides* Luckily, I have a big cubicle when I want to apply makeup, and my officemates actually don’t mind at all. Hehe.

  7. Hue Rocks says

    I also want to get to a minimal stable makeup, but so far I’m accumulating items in my quest. I know I should do a 1out-1in policy, but I can’t help it T_T. Nice to read other people’s experience and habits with makeup.

  8. I agree. Rae’s a great critic. She reviewed the estee lauder double wear lippy as having a decal-like feel. I never really noticed it until i tried it again after reading her review. 🙂

  9. Yep, makeup collecting is a big problem of mine… but I just can’t stop. Everything is much, much too pretty. I’m definitely on the same page with lipstick – it requires some maintenance throughout the day, but not a whole lot of presence of mind to apply in the mornings.

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