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Recent Rediscoveries No. 1

Quick update on the makeup-buying front: I’ve been purchase free in 2015! Yay. I set a one-item-a-month limit for myself this year, but I have yet to buy anything. 🙂 I’ve got my eye on a few palettes—predictably—but seeing as I have way too many already, I haven’t had any desire to actually spring for any of them. /pats self on the back. Seeing as I haven’t been buying anything new, I’ve begun digging around my current makeup ~collection~ (this word really makes me cringe), and I discovered some forgotten gems that I’ve been enjoying using lately! Here’s the first installment of “Recent Rediscoveries,” which is basically just me remembering awesome things that I’ve forgotten due to over-buying makeup. Oops.

KPalette - Mascara, Pencil Liner, Concealers

K-Palette: More Than Just Brows & Wings

About a month ago, I received a few items from my favorite eyeliner and eyebrow brand, K-Palette! I have been devoted to their liquid eyeliner and eyebrow products for the better part of two years—even when I try other brands and formulas, K-Palette always wins. Thank you Ms. Cheryl for such a generous gift! I mentioned the liquid eyeliner, but here’s something I never personally tried from the brand: 1Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eye Pencil* (Php 750) which comes in Super Black and Deep Brown.

Unboxing: BDJ Box x Covergirl for December 2014*

For December, BDJ Box partnered up with Covergirl, delivering five products to take your look from day to night. Here’s what’s inside the December 2014 BDJ Box*: TruBlend Liquid Makeup* (Php 645) TruBlend is a full-coverage foundation that comes in a whopping 21 shades. I got a shade that seems too light for me, but it blends in well. TruBlend Pressed Powder* (Php 425) This pressed powder is a lightweight, silky-smooth powder with shine-control. It doesn’t clog up the pores and is designed to work with the TruBlend Liquid Makeup. I got the shade “translucent light,” which I thought would be fine, but pressing it in with the sponge gave me quite a heavy coverage that was too light for my skin tone.

ILIA Beauty - Multi-Stick, Tinted Lip Conditioner, Lipstick, Mascara, Lip Crayon

ILIA Roundup

ILIA Beauty, a “green beauty” brand, has steadily become one of my favorites these past few months. After first trying out the Multi-Stick and the mascara, I have somehow accumulated five of their tinted lip conditioners, three lipsticks, and a lip crayon. I don’t know how that happened either. Because I purchased them so quickly, I don’t think I have been able to really speak about them, besides the standard “I like ’em!” This isn’t really going to be a full-length review on every single one of them (mostly because I’m not in the mood to wax poetic), rather a sort of overview of each of the items I have managed to try.

1 Day Magic with K-Palette: First Impressions & Face of the Day

A few weeks ago, K-Palette launched their 1 Day Magic line and I was so bummed out that I missed out on what looked to be an awesome launch of equally awesome products. Still, I was very lucky to receive 4 items from the line. (Thank you so much, Cheryl & Beautybox Corp.!) K-Palette makes my favorite liquid liner, unmatched by all of the ones I’ve tried after it, and in the realm of liner formulas, liquid is still my favorite. Recently, they released a new range called 1 Day Magic, and all the products I will talk about today is part of it. They won’t replace the previous permanent products, don’t worry!

Getting Pixyfied

Last week, I got invited to Pixy’s Launch here in Manila. I rarely get to go to events because of prior commitments and work deadlines, but I’m glad I got to swing by this one. If you recall, BDJ released a Pixy-centric box back in April. I enjoyed a lot of the products I got in that box, so I’m glad that they’ve finally reached our shores. Pixy is an Asian cosmetics line—formulated in Japan and manufactured in Indonesia, geared towards Asian skin tones and skin types, bringing out “truly Asian beauty” while striving to be on trend as well. Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy! I was lucky enough to have been there for the Pixy launch in White Space last week. It was decked out in cherry blossoms and pink—a Pixy touch, representing the best of the ladylike “gal” trend with a twist, and of course its Asian slant. Hiroyuki Mitsuoka, President of Mandom Philippines (under which Pixy belongs), shares “Mandom is excited to bring Pixy here to the Philippines because we believe …

Recent Acquisitions / Currently Testing

Hello there! A new batch of “recent acquisitions” and stuff I’ve been testing recently. These are accumulated previous purchases as well as stuff I’ve received from several awesome companies. 🙂 MAKE Colour Post-Impression Palette by We See Beauty I’ve been jonesin’ for these makeup items since the dawn of time (jk, 2013) but never got around to purchasing them because the website doesn’t want to take my money/credit card info. Anyway, I had such a hard time picking a palette—mostly because I wanted them all—but I ended up with this one. It’s freaking beautiful and it’s very “out of the box” for me, but I’m liking it so far. If I love it remains to be seen!