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3CE Gel Eye Liner

Video: Korea Haul, 2014!

Finally. I asked if anyone wanted a video haul, and a few said sure, so now here we are. I actually filmed and edited an earlier version of this, but decided that the camera was too up in my grillz so I ended up re-shooting allll the footage, because it was just not working out. Anyway, this is a bit longer than I’d like my videos to be, but I find that I actually kind of really like it when hauls are kinda long. (Is that just me?) Enjoy, prs! Follow me: Bloglovin' • Twitter • Instagram • YouTube • Facebook

A (Late) Sephora VIB Haul

Just a small one. I was in Korea when I placed my order, so I didn’t go too crazy because I was hoarding all I could hoard over there. The transit time to Manila is also kinda long, so this post is coming to you pretty late. Simple Human Mini Sensor Mirror This is kind of a big ticket item but I’d been hankering for a round mirror with a light for over a year now, and I asked Sarie for this for Christmas… and I guess I opened it early! It runs on a USB charge (which means no batteries) and magnifies 10x. It also folds in on itself and has a case that’s nifty for traveling.

Unboxing & First Impressions: Glossier Phase 1 Set

OK, so I think it’s kind of obvious that I’m a sucker for great visuals and aesthetics. I am a total slave to “things that look nice,” and so I was suckered into getting the Glossier Phase 1 Set, despite not really needing anything from the set. If you are not familiar with Glossier, it’s the off-shoot beauty brand of beauty blog Into the Gloss, which I used to read very regularly. Sidenote, but I find their content a little “off” and different these days. Anyway. Launched just a couple of months ago, Glossier’s Phase 1 Set is comprised of 4 products: a face mist, a priming moisturizer, a tinted base, and an all-around salve. Despite my disappointment at the fact that “Glossier” is pronounced “glossy-yay,” I went with it, because… well, why not? I’d seen many glowing (and not-so-glowing) reviews and—STICKERS! It looked so sleek and so much fun at the same time. A gif, because half the fun of this experience was the actual unboxing! Though the items can be purchased individually, I …

My NYC Beauty Haul + First Impressions

As mentioned in my last post—a modest haul! Kind of. I’ll explain. First, I have not turned my nose up at consumerism, nosiree! I have actually gone loco over books on this trip. Yup, so smart. Here’s what I picked up from New York when we stayed there for about five days… Behold! A few things I picked up from Duane Reade, just because we were there buying ~necessities~: Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes, Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volume Mascara, Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara (pink tube).

Psst, Your Hoarder is Showing: Stuff I Got from Geek Chic Cosmetics

Oops. Someone went a little overboard. I bought a total of 28 eyeshadows from Geek Chic Cosmetics. They’re an indie company that appeals to the geek in me. Much like Shiro Cosmetics (which I love, as you already know), Geek Chic makes collections based on geekery like Harry Potter and Doctor Who. A number of indies actually base their collections of of movies and shows, but Geek Chic’s selection is pretty extensive. So this is what happened, heh. I ordered 27 samples, and they came in clamshells like this. A lot of people hate this packaging and I can see why. It’s tricky to open (I just do it carefully, securing the ‘base’ half firmly on the table and opening the top half carefully) and also tricky to use since the lid tends to close on itself. When you close, you leave behind a puff of product. It’s alright, though. I can live with it. For swatches, I’ve divided everything by collection and in parts. I hope this makes things easier to find on the …

Recent Acquisitions: Rouge Bunny Rouge

Oh look, a haul this early in the year. Typical. I bought a couple of Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows because a couple of places, namely Luxola and the RBR site itself, had them on sale. I ended up buying one of the primers also (???) and a few items not on sale. Agh. Let’s begin? I only have one other RBR shadow (Solstice Halcyon), which I wasn’t super crazy about, but I knew that Belly, Sunny, Teri, and Shari all love the formula, so this purchase was pretty much a long time in the making.

Mizon Returning Starfish Cream*

First up for review, I have the Mizon Returning Starfish Cream. It is a “highly functional cream containing starfish extract, the symbol of a strong autogenous power, provides elasticity and moisture to the skin, manages combined skin problems such as the improvement of wrinkles and ligne action, etc. It is a special formula for the shape-memory returning the skin to the optimum condition the skin memorizes.” Product Description:Mizon Returning Starfish Cream contains 70% starfish extract, which regenerates, reinforces elasticity, and moisturizes aging skin. Not only does it provide great anti-aging benefits but it also brightens, smooths, and locks moisture into skin with hyaluronic acid and argan oil. This cream contains no artificial coloring or parabens, making it suitable for sensitive skin while protecting it from harmful outside factors. Directions: At the last step of basic skin care, apply all over face. Tap lightly to help absorption. For best results, use at night. The cream comes in a super pretty 60ml tub, and it also comes with a spatula, which is awesome because you don’t have …