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Psst, Your Hoarder is Showing: Stuff I Got from Geek Chic Cosmetics

Geek Chic - First Order
Oops. Someone went a little overboard.

I bought a total of 28 eyeshadows from Geek Chic Cosmetics. They’re an indie company that appeals to the geek in me. Much like Shiro Cosmetics (which I love, as you already know), Geek Chic makes collections based on geekery like Harry Potter and Doctor Who. A number of indies actually base their collections of of movies and shows, but Geek Chic’s selection is pretty extensive.

So this is what happened, heh.

Geek Chic - Clamshell

I ordered 27 samples, and they came in clamshells like this. A lot of people hate this packaging and I can see why. It’s tricky to open (I just do it carefully, securing the ‘base’ half firmly on the table and opening the top half carefully) and also tricky to use since the lid tends to close on itself. When you close, you leave behind a puff of product. It’s alright, though. I can live with it.

For swatches, I’ve divided everything by collection and in parts. I hope this makes things easier to find on the website in case you want to purchase anything.

Geek Chic - Part I - Swatches

Single Player (popular colors from discontinued collections)
Princess in Distress — I like this shade, though the glitter is a bit gritty and chunky. It is described as “a soft, feminine pink that is chock full of rainbow and pink sparkle.” Princess in Distress reminds me a lot of Shiro’s Wildflowers from The Tributes Collection.

Big Damn Heroes (You guessed it. A FIREFLY COLLECTION. HOLD. ME. PLEASE.)
Ambassador — This looked a little plummier and darker in the clamshell (pictured above), but translates kind of red on me. It is described as a “a rich, reflective plummy-maroon filled with golden sparkle.”

Inevitable Betrayal — ONE OF MY FAVORITES. It is a subtle light green that has a bit of a pea-like quality to it. It is described as “a reflective golden-toned dinosaury-green.” It’s really so pretty.

Very Fine Hat — another love. It is a kind of blackened olive green, like patina or something, with a bunch of reflects… Gold, pink, and light green maybe? It is described as “a very blackened, dirty gold.”

Little Albatross — a bit thin silver. I was unsure why I bought it, but I checked out the swatch online, and wowza. I think this needs a proper sticky base. It is described as a “a deep, steel-blue with blue and silver sparkles. The sparkliest of the bunch.”

Fellowship (Lord of the Rings)
Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold — one of my favorites. To me, this is a really pretty indigo. It is described as “a bold, blackened purple, packed full of blue hilight and sparkles.”

I Am No Man — a really pale gold. Nothing too exciting, but it’s a standard pretty light shade. It is described as “a soft white gold with a pearl sheen” and it reminds me of Éowyn’s hair.

Samwise the Brave — probably my favoritest, a rich fudgey blackened brown. It is described as “a burnt blackened copper.” GAH.

Geek Chic - Part I - Swatchesa

Bottom to top: Princess in Distress, Ambassador, Inevitable Betrayal, Very Fine Hat

Geek Chic - Part I - Swatchesb

Bottom to top: Inevitable Betrayal, Very Fine Hat, Little Albatross, Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold

Geek Chic - Part I - Swatchesc

Bottom to top: Little Albatross, Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold, I Am No Man, Samwise the Brave

Geek Chic - Part II - Swatches

N7 (Mass Effect? I think?)
N7 — unsure why I bought this because I don’t know how to wear it, but it’s a bright and vivid matte red with a bit of floating sparkle. It is described as “an all out assault of awesome red” that “goes on bright and solid and packs a punch of silver sparkle that will blow your mind!”

Scapers (Farscape?)
Guiding Star — a beautiful violet with what looks to be a slightly blackened base and pink and blue sparks. It is described as “a very deep royal purple on a black base with a touch of blue shimmer and pink shift.”

Strange Aeons (H.P. Lovecraft.)
Madness — really pretty, deep cranberry shade. It is described as a ” deep wine shade with multi-colored sparkle.”

Non-Euclidian — okay, I’m a little confused by this one. To me… this is a pretty gorgeous purple with a black base and a shitload of multi-colored sparks. However, on Geek Chic, this strongly leans green and is described as “a semi-sheer black with strong rainbow sparkle. Amazing sparkles in this.” It looks more like Daeomoniac to me.

Summoner (No idea, but Google leads me to believe this is a Final Fantasy collection)
Hellfire — a pale pink. It is described as “a mysterious and translucent soft maroon that ignites with a fiery red and orange glow when light hits it. It shimmers with embers of red, orange, and flashes of purple.” Oh.

Mega Flare — a super pretty white shade with a strong lilac-y tone. It is described as “a pale shimmering silver with a soft blue sheen and aqua shimmer.”

Ruby Light — a pale green with pink sparks. It is described as “a soft, springy seafoam green with pinkish-red sheen and a sprinkling of ruby glitter.”

This isn’t a Democracy (Walking Dead, I think?)
Clementine Will Remember — super pretty grey-black base with tons of colored sparks. It is described as “a steel grey and packed full of red, gold, and copper sparks.”

Geek Chic - Part II - Swatchesa

Bottom to top: N7, Guiding Star, Madness, Non-Euclidian (supposedly)

Geek Chic - Part II - Swatchesb

Bottom to top: Non-Euclidian (supposedly), Hellfire, Mega Flare, Ruby Light

Geek Chic - Part II - Swatchesc

Bottom to top: Mega Flare, Ruby Light, Clementine Will Remember

Geek Chic - Part III - Swatches

Superneutrals (Supernatural)
Born Under a Bad Sign — lovely pale neutral, a bit gold-ish. It is described as “a plush mahogany brown with a copper fire and bursts of beautiful blue sparkle.” One of my faves.

Idjits — A DEFINITE FAVE. To me, this looks like a cool taupe-y base with pretty sparks. It has a smooth look and texture to it. I want this in a full size someday. It is described as “a rich russet ochre with tons of gorgeous golden-green shimmer and sparkle.”

Turtle Power (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Bojutsu Science Adept — a pretty lilac with a subtle pale green shift. It is described as “a cool toned purple with strong green interference and tons of green shimmer and glitter.”

Master Sensei — AGH, ANOTHER FAVORITE. This is a rose-toned light taupe (to me), and is described as “a milk chocolate brown with a purple shift and a touch of purple shimmer.” I wants this in a full size.

Witchcraft and Wizardry (Harry Potter)
Golden Trio — strong red base with tons of gold glitter. Described as “a cool-toned red with raspberry undertones and a hefty pinch snitch golden shimmer.”

Win or Die (A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones)
Born in Fire — a beautiful satiny cool-toned orchid. Described as “a rich, regal violet of the Targaryens with smokey indigo depths. Silky, with a pearlescent sheen and a scattering of glittering ruby embers.”

Geek Chic - Part III - Swatchesa

Bottom to top: Born Under a Bad Sign, Idjits, Bojutsu Science Adept, Master Sensei

Geek Chic - Part III - Swatchesb

Bottom to top: Idjits, Bojutsu Science Adept, Master Sensei, Golden Trio

Geek Chic - Part III - Swatchesc

Bottom to top: Master Sensei, Golden Trio, Born in Fire

Geek Chic - We Are Coming - Full Size

The only full-sized color I bought was from the Timey Wimey (Doctor Who) collection, which is the one from which I bought the most shades, it seems. It’s called We Are Coming. The full-sized shadows come in screw-top jars with pretty stickers on top.

Geek Chic - Part IV- Swatches

Timey Wimey (Doctor Who)
We Are Coming — a little disappointed with this, mostly because it was so exciting in my head. I’ll try a sticky base under it, but so far the complexity doesn’t show up. To me, it’s a cool-toned brown with a bit of grey in there, and some blue sparks. It is described as “a rich, velvety milk chocolate gleaming with shifting golden copper highlight, studded with a moderate scattering of ruby and sapphire glitter.” It’s so beautiful online.

Bad Wolf — is a greyish pale violet. I love this shade. It’s described as “a rich pearlescent royal purple woven with soft golden iridescence, studded with sparkling golden gems.”

Don’t Blink — a really cool silver, reminds me of The Weeping Angels. Not sure why I bought this as I don’t play well with super cool eyeshadow. It is described as “a silver, holographic and iridescent glitter in a silver base.”

Sexy in Suspenders — another silvery color, but a bit warmer than Don’t Blink. It is described as “a pale fawny satin with a bright, unlikely blue highlight and choc full of blue and purple sparkles.”

Untimely Love — a pearly fiery copper with a subtle green duochrome shift. It is described as “a dusky blackened maroon base lit with a vibrant, vivacious spring green glow.”

Yes, Sir — is a matte orange… Not sure why I have this, although it looks 10x better on the online swatch than on mine. It is described as “a cool, blue-toned red matte base, shifting with a bright wash of blue interference and accented with a handful of icicle blue sparkles.” I suspect this needs a proper base as well.

Geek Chic - Part IV- Swatchesa

Geek Chic - Part IV- Swatchesb

A few notes:
— All swatches are done on bare skin with no primer.
— I found the TAT a bit long, but it’s OK.
— I really appreciated how they listened to me when I asked them to kindly make the packaging as condense and small as possible. 🙂
— No free samples. 😦 (lol jk)

Also, this: A little disgusting, but something worth noting: I found fingerprints on three of the clamshells.
Geek Chic - Fingerprint 3

Geek Chic - Fingerprint 2

Geek Chic - Fingerprint 1

Excuse me while I puke.

I wasn't even aware of the possibility of this, since I trust people to be clean, etc. when they run a business, by default, but yes. I actually found this subreddit about it, which is why I thought to even look in the first place.

I haven't sent and email about it, mostly because I don't want to have to deal with returns, etc. since I live all the way across the world. I’m sanitizing the said shadows now (poured into clean jars and doused with alcohol). In a few days, I will be able to crush them into the powder that they truly are and report back as to whether or not they retained their quality.

A pleasant enough first experience with Geek Chic, as far as the actual products go.

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  1. OMG. Farscape, Firefly, Supernatural, LOTR, HP themed makeup? I want!

    The packaging is adorable but somehow messy. Too bad about the fingerprints you found.

    • DIBA! Hehe. 🙂 It’s ok, I cleaned them by pouring alcohol, waiting for it to evaporate and then crushing it all into powder again.

  2. Zoë says

    wow too bad about the fingerprints, I wouldn’t have thought to look either. the shadows are really pretty though, but that is a lot of eyeshadow! I was so impressed by how tiny your makeup collection was last time you did a post about it too 😛

    • Haha I couldn’t resist! These are probably good for about 10 or so uses, though. I love getting samples, but I think I can spend my money on better products hehe.

  3. The reds are sooo beautiful! Would love to see them in one of your looks. 😀 PS: The physicist in me is tickled by “Non-euclidian” XD

  4. I’m so on the fence with GeekChic. I LOVED the swatches on their website but I didn’t think the swatch quality transferred to the images I saw I tumblr. That could have been by individual usage, some people like to sheer out colors. The swatches you posted gave me further hope, and now fingerprints! What’s a girl to do? Thanks so much for the information it’s been a big help!

    • No worries, glad this was helpful! I think… it’s ultimately up to you. I’m, at the moment, a bit wary of ordering from them again, but I’ll happily use these up for now.

  5. aphazia says

    SO MUCH SPARKLEEE! I want all the colors, but I love N7 the most 🙂

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