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This page is under construction as of April 14, 2014. Any information displayed here may be flawed or inaccurate. Please feel free to correct any of them, while I fact-check more thoroughly on my own. Many thanks!


Though I’m new to the beauty community, I’ve been aware of animal testing, though I did not know (or did not care to know about) the tests conducted on these animals. To me, it was just how the world worked. Boy, was I very wrong about that. There is alternative technology available and currently in use to help erase animal testing from the beauty industry. The EU has already worked on banning animal-tested products.

Brands like MAC, who used to be cruelty-free, can be under parent brands who test on animals and in effect, comply with their regulations. MAC is still “cruelty-free,” except when it is absolutely required by law. China, for example, has mandated a requirement for animal testing, if the brand wishes to be sold in their country.

I checked my collection and I’ve divided the brands I currently have into cruelty-free brands and those who test on animals. Some brands, I cannot seem to find the information for. I will continue to use the products that I’ve already purchased from brands that are not cruelty-free, but will not continue to be their patron until they change their stand on animal testing.

I’m still torn about those who are under parent companies who test, but don’t test themselves, and those who want to be cruelty-free, but cannot pull out of China just yet. What’s your stand on the issue?

If they are brands that are currently cruelty-free but belong to a parent company who isn’t, I will include the parent company in a parenthesis beside it.

bareMinerals/Bare Escentuals (Shiseido)
BECCA Cosmetics
Bloom Cosmetics
The Body Shop (L’Oreal)
Burt’s Bees (Clorox)
BUXOM (Shiseido)
Dolly Wink (KOJI)
Ellana Cosmetics
Etude House (Amore Pacific)
Hourglass Cosmetics
Laneige (Amore Pacific)
Lé Metier de Beauté
NARS (Shiseido)
NYX (L’Oreal)
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics/OCC
Oslo Cosmetics
Physician’s Formula
Rouge Bunny Rouge
Shiro Cosmetics
Snoe Beauty
Soap & Glory
Tarte (Kose)
Urban Decay (L’Oreal)
Wet N Wild

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics/OCC
Real Techniques Brushes
Urban Decay

As of March 2013, Shiseido has announced that it will stop animal testing. For this reason, I have added them back to my cruelty-free list.

UPDATE September 2013: Due to vague Animal Testing Policies, I’ve added Shiseido back to the animal tester list.

ADDICTION by Ayako (Kose)
Chanel (parent company is involved in fur trade)
Kate (Kanebo)
Korres — helpful thread
Laura Mercier (as of May 2013)
Lavshuca (Kanebo)
Maquillage (Shiseido)
Majolica Majorca (Shiseido)
Paul & Joe (Kose)
Stila Cosmetics
shu uemura (L’Oreal)
The Face Shop
Yves Saint Laurent (L’Oreal)

Beauty Blender knock-off
Guerlain (LMVH)
MAC Cosmetics

Benefit (LMVH)
Guerlain (LMVH)
MAC Cosmetics (Estée Lauder)
Maybelline (L’Oreal)
Rimmel London (Coty)
Smashbox (Estée Lauder)
Tom Ford (Estée Lauder)

3CE (Stylenanda)
Fanny Serrano
Nature Republic
too cool for school


  1. I’ve noticed that a there isn’t a lot of information on Animal Testing on popular Korean brands (Etude, Tony Moly, Too Cool for School…) no?

    • Some are CF yata, but mostly no info. 😦 I realized nga that Jap cosmetics are mostly not CF so I’m kinda sad 😦

    • See KARA website for non-tested Korean brands…AmorePacific said they would stop testing but they have yet to pull out of China and no response to my e-mail. Etude did not pass KARA’s test so only when AP changes will they be safe. There are very very very few safe Korean brands- all ones I have never heard of.
      Sad about Stila…:((
      Dolly Wink is made by Koji and I was curious on Koji’s policy?
      And I thought NARS was no longer safe as well…

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    • No idea, but China, for example, requires companies to test on animals for them to be able to sell there. Since China is a big market, a lot of companies decide to comply.

    • Thanks for this comment! I dug around a bit more and you’re right. Their press release is misleading! Can’t believe how many news outlets picked up the story

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  4. Paul and Joe does test on animals. I emailed them recently and received this:

    November 19, 2013

    ALBION Co., Ltd.
    Customer Support Department
    1-7-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    Dear Valued Client,

    Thank you for your recent enquiry about the use of animal testing in the manufacturing of ALBION cosmetics. Please allow us to outline the current position of the company and the measures we have in place.

    All of our cosmetics are subject to extremely stringent safety standards, in order that they can be used safely by as many people as possible as a regular part of their daily lives, with complete peace of mind.

    For quasi-drugs (as defined by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, including medicated toothpastes, hair dyes, bath products, mouth washes, etc) containing new dietary ingredients, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of Japan requires us to submit detailed data on the safety of those ingredients to the relevant authority, after which the ingredients are subject to strict tests, and will only be approved if the data and test results come up to standard.

    At present, despite efforts currently at the research stage to develop alternative methods of testing, some of these legally required tests can only be carried out through animal testing.

    ALBION is committed to using those ingredients which have been verified as being safe through the use of alternative testing methods wherever possible. Our policy when purchasing the raw ingredients for manufacturing is to select and purchase from producers who share our resolve and commitment to the care and protection of animals wherever possible.

    We intend to push forward with this policy in the future, working on research to establish alternative testing methods and to bring about the termination of all animal testing. This research will be conducted in conjunction with the rest of the industry and related bodies.

    We hope that this answers your query and hope that you will be able to understand our current position, our policy, and our intentions for the future.

    Yours faithfully,

    Albion Cosmetics Customer Care

    • Lexi says

      They do test… it says “wherever possible” meaning they still choose to sell in those markets where they are “required by law” to test. Look past the words and check yourself.

      • Hi Lexi, thanks for your comment. If you check the post, the edit on Paul & Joe specifically has been reflected on it many months ago.

  5. Raqueline says

    stila started to sell in china 😦 no longer cruelty free, and i think jane cosmetics is under the same parent company.

  6. I contacted JAVA and they confirmed 3 companies for me. Koji, Canmake, and another Taishi I think?) BUt they said they did not test but were unsure of China status.
    I got a response from Canmake that supports what JAVA told me.(
    Koji said they would get back to me.
    JAVA said K-Palette (Cuore) never replied to them, nor did Cure. I have had problems finding a contact e-mail for Cuore and have not heard from Cure. :/
    I did find an article stating that AmorePAcific aims to be #1 in China… And the main page plainly shows that they sell and have offices in China.
    I did get reply from It’s Skin as well stating that while they do not test, they have no “obligation” to register with KARA, and may enter China.

    • I worked in Laneige briefly just before I turned towards CF products and swear off non CF brands. AmorePacific have and is selling in China, so I pretty much stopped using all their stuff lol. [Even though the office staff and trainer told me that they don’t do animal testing but left out China. I supposed most staff do not know about the law so…]
      Well, MOST Asian brands would be sold in China because that is the biggest market afterall.
      Am I so glad to know that Koji and Canmake did not branch out to China! ;w;

      I’m currently compiling a list of CF brands/products available in SG and these posts help me reference quite a bit! Thank you all very much! 😀

      • Thanks so much for the comment! I’m hoping this is actually an accurate list. I wish I linked back to the info I saw that made me deem a brand CF. Hehe.

  7. Tarte has been acquired by Kose, so now has a parent company that tests. That sucks as it was announced just before their UK launch date, so I never got to sample the brand.

    • Ah, I personally still use brands with parent companies that test. Maybe you can look for older Tarte products that were manufactured pre-Kosé aquisition

  8. wanderingthroughlife83 says

    i’m still looking on info for too cool for school. they have my FAVORITE eyeliners ever.

  9. mendy says

    So, is it mean all shu uemura & paul & Joe cosmetics still NOT CF?? can u confirm?

  10. I think NYX was acquired by L’Oreal and tarte was acquired by KOSE. If you have time, could you put the parent company that tests in parenthesis like the others please?

    • Hey Mary! Thanks for the head’s up. Unfortunately, they still sell in China, so they technically consent to third-party testing (like MAC). Thank you for sharing the information with me, though!

      • Oh no 😦 I even read it back and forth. Must’ve been tired that day.. Oppsie.
        Guess it’s back to staying away. We have a lot of other brands, fortunately.

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