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K-Palette: More Than Just Brows & Wings

KPalette - Mascara, Pencil Liner, Concealers

About a month ago, I received a few items from my favorite eyeliner and eyebrow brand, K-Palette! I have been devoted to their liquid eyeliner and eyebrow products for the better part of two years—even when I try other brands and formulas, K-Palette always wins. Thank you Ms. Cheryl for such a generous gift!

KPalette - Pencil Liners

I mentioned the liquid eyeliner, but here’s something I never personally tried from the brand: 1Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eye Pencil* (Php 750) which comes in Super Black and Deep Brown.

KPalette - Pencil Liners - Tips

This retractable pencil with rich pigmentation is touted as having a long-lasting waterproof and smudgeproof formula—which, we all know what that means in this humidity—infused with beauty essences like hyaluronic acid (great for moisturizing), water soluble collagen, and Swertia Japonica extract.

KPalette - Pencil Liners - Swatches

The pencil itself is quite big, so if you want a more precise line, try drawing from the side, as opposed to the actual tip. I personally still get a lot more precision from the liquid variant, but these are great for smudging along the outer corner for definition. I used it here, for tightlining… which makes this kind of a pointless photo, because you won’t even see it:

KPalette - Pencil Liner, Tightline

Next, I was sent two of their mascaras: the 1Day Tattoo 24H Lash Perm Long Curl Mascara* (Php 895) and the 1Day Tattoo 24H Lash Perm Volume Curl Mascara* (Php 895). Both are new products to me and are only available in Black.

KPalette - Mascara

The Long Curl Mascara (red tube) is a film-type mascara that provides length and definition without smudging. Since it is a film-type mascara, it’s also easily removed with soap and warm water. The Volume Curl Mascara (purple tube) is also a film-type mascara that provides long-lasting voluminous curl without smudging.

I haven’t tried either mascara because I have too many tubes still open, but there are a couple of reviews online:
K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm Long Curl Mascara (ca. 2012)
K-Palette 1 Day Lash Perm Volume Curl Mascara

Like most K-Palette products, the mascaras are infused with beauty essences like Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Silk, Red Algae, and Swertia Herb.

I’ve waxed poetic about their eyebrow products and liquid eyeliner, but the first K-Palette product I actually tried was their concealer! I had no idea that the Zero Kuma Concealer* (Php 795) was even by K-Palette. (Much has changed, ahhh.) Today, I’ve got all of the shades, 01, 02, and 03.

KPalette - 0 Kuma Cover Control Concealer - 01 02 03

The Zero Kuma Concealer is a lightweight and long-lasting concealer that hides dark circles and discoloration naturally and flawlessly. They can also be used as an eye primer, and it works pretty well for that. I like 02 if I want my eyeshadows to really pop, since it brightens my lid space.

Normally, the shade numbering goes from light to dark as the numbers go up. For Zero Kuma, it’s a little different.

KPalette - 0 Kuma Cover Control Concealer - 01 02 03 - Swatches

01 is a “natural beige” and is used to conceal light dark circles. It has hydrating beauty essences like hyaluronic acid, rose water, and water soluble collagen. 02 is a “yellow beige” used to brighten very dark circles. It has brightening ingredients like prune extract and Chamomila Recutita Extract. Lastly, 03 is an “orange beige,” and it is used to conceal dark circles caused by poor blood circulation. It includes like Silver Birch Leaves Extract and amino acids to improve blood circulation on the under eyes.

01 on my undereye area and on some blemishes.

The only shade I’ve tried prior was 02 and I loved it a lot. I still have my old tube and I thought it would be a bit fun to compare it with a brand new one.

KPalette - 0 Kuma Cover Control Concealer

The orange discoloration on the old tube seems to be the product that’s been exposed to air. Ultimately, the concealer performs just as well, with the old product coming on just a tiny bit thicker than the new product:

KPalette - Concealer - 02 - New vs Old Swatches

The shade is the same, despite what the tube seems to show.

Have you tried K-Palette? 🙂 Let me know which products you’d like me to get a bit more in-depth on (if any).

Also, I used my Canon S100 for these photos and ack, I really do prefer a DSLR at the end of the day. I’ve been going back and forth between buying a new compact camera (I’ve got my eye set on a Sony RX100) or a better lens for my DSLR.

* Items marked with an asterisk are PR Samples.

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    • Diba! I think I found out on one of Tina/WhatTinaLoves’s posts, a few years after I tried 0 Kuma. Haha. Yay!

    • Nope! I don’t think those are generally used for tighlining since they can get a bit messy when your eye waters!

  1. K-Palette products are addictive. I traded the chance to get Laura Mercier Secret Concealer for a repurchase of K-Palette Zero Kuma. A tube lasts forever and is more sanitary than a pot. That and the full coverage for dark circles.

    Thanks for doing the old/new comparison. I was also wondering why there were orange areas on my #03. Thought it was the color pigments settling.

    • Do you find them to be too thick? I recently realized that they go on my undereye area so much better if I prep it with eye cream 🙂

      • I put a little Maybelline Baby Skin undereye for a smoother application. It felt too thick before, but I’ve gotten the hang of it now. The tiniest amount already covers a lot of ground, so a tube lasts forever despite me also applying it on blemishes and discolorations all over my face.

        I tried with eye cream before, but I like to layer the concealer over foundation. Just those two together can already start to cake at the fine lines around my eyes, unless I immediately set with powder. IMHO Baby Skin makes it stay in place a little better.

  2. Gonna be a slightly off-topic comment but I have the older version of the Sony RX100 and it is fantastical. If you do get it you’ll love it 😀 SORRY FOR THE TEMPTATIONS

    • My brother has that and that’s totally what I was looking at getting. 🙂 Alas, maybe some other time!

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