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Nosy Beauty Vol. 33: Danika

Hello, and welcome to another installment of Nosy Beauty. 🙂 Today, we’ll be peeking into the makeup life (and bag!) of one of my friends from college and church, Danika. She probably doesn’t know this, but she was one of the first people in school that I noticed wearing not-so obvious makeup and it made me want to try it back then. I was really surprised with what she sent (you’ll see!), but then again, I wasn’t because she was always going the extra mile, even when we were in school.

Hello! My name is Danika, 25, creative director at Classified and Nava Boutique (MNL), letterer and style blogger at 🙂

Dan 1

Whenever I use makeup, I always try to go for the “natural look”. Just enough is always the right amount. I don’t like putting too much on. Actually, I think I can even live without cosmetics! Cause sometimes I do leave the house barefaced and feel perfectly comfortable. But, you know, for the sake of looking presentable and appropriate for my job, I use a couple things:

Dan 2

1. Eyes – I like using this beige/brown shimmer shadow palette by Maybelline for that easy glow and this nice tattoo eyeliner my mom got me from Japan for definition.

2. Cheeks – I actually prefer bronze shades over pink just because those look more natural to me. But since my skin tone is light at the moment (I’ve lost my summer tan. boo!), I use peach. I’m not that brand conscious too so I’m fine with using new makeup brands like Collection.

3. Lashes – I just started using this “Multiplier” mascara that Collection sent me. I’m kinda happy with it.

4. Lips – Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipsticks all the way! I use the red (MRD 165) and this brownish rose color (MBG 944) alternately.

5. Brows – I find it important that the color of my brows match the color of my hair so I often get the light brown shade when buying my pencil from The Face Shop and mascara from MAC.

6. Face – This cream 0-Kuma Concealer is the best I’ve ever used. Though sometimes when my face decides to get all oily and annoying, I prefer using this concealer stick from The Face Shop. To finish, I pat myself clean with Shu Uemura’s compact powder.

Dan 3

My personal style is accessorized, detailed and graphic. I also like layering and putting together different textures when I wear my clothes. This is why I prefer keeping my makeup clean and simple.

Dan 4

But the best beauty tip given to me ever ever (thanks, mom!) is to just keep my skin healthy and happy. So I learned to cleanse regularly, wash off makeup completely before bed, use sunblock everyday (even when there is no sun), hydrate and sleep early. The last two, I admit, I haven’t quite mastered yet. Haha. But the first three I’ve been doing quite consistently. Every morning, (1) I wash my face using Olay Facial Cleanser, and (2) either put on Olay Total Effects Day Cream or Tinted Sunblock by Dra. Aivee Aguilar-Teo.

Dan 5

Dan 6

So that’s pretty much it! Thanks for reading! Hope this helped. 🙂

Dan 7

Yay, thanks Danika! You can read more about Dan’s retail exploits and lovely design projects at 🙂 For more Nosy Beauty, click here.

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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says

    You’re so pretty!! Love your makeup choices, and now I definitely have to check out shu uemura!! 🙂 ❤

  2. She is very pretty! Liked this edition a lot. I used to use the same Shu Uemura primer, but I ran out. I remember it was a full-sized GWP, they have the best, srsly.

  3. Gorgeous blog!
    Omgoodness, really such a wonderful site.
    Very clean and modern the way I like it.
    Love your style and makeup choices.
    Very good advice and to the point.
    Definitely following you,

    Check out my blog if you please

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