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Nosy Beauty Vol. 34: Mikka

Hey everyone! For today’s Nosy Beauty, I’ve got my friend, Mikka. Although we went to the same university and belonged to the same batch, we didn’t meet until after we graduated… all because of our mutual friend Karen, and a love for Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. 🙂 Read on to see what’s inside her makeup bag!

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Mikka Wee, Managing Editor of, travel writer at where I go by “The Tiny Traveler”.

Aside from eating and traveling, I love books (that’s how we connected, Carina!). I like holing myself up in coffee shops and read. I’ve also gotten into surfing lately—can’t get enough of it. I guess it’s partly responsible for the drastic change in my skin color, hahaha. I used to be on the fairer side, but now, people describe my skin tone as kayumanggi, and I absolutely love it.

Kikay Kit

Here’s my Kikay Kit from Too Cool for School. I know it’s pretty tiny, so I just dump everything I can in there. Trust me, I knew what I was getting into when I chose this make-up kit. But dem dinosaurs~~~

Okay—I don’t own a lot of make-up. I always borrow from my mum! I like blending colors, so I make do with whatever color or shade I have and mix it with others. It’s pretty fun especially with my browner skin tone since I like using bright hues, and they look better on me now than they did when I was fairer.

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Tadaaa! This is all the make-up I have—rather, I use. I normally start with ellana Primer, followed by Etude House’s CC Cream in Silky. Then I play around with my blush, wear eyeshadow (I only have one kind, hehehe) and mascara only when necessary. I seal the deal with MUJI Compact Powder and then I use Etude House’s Drawing Eyebrow and Maybelline’s Masterliner (both in black) for my eyes. I swipe lipstick or lip balm depending on my mood and whom I’m seeing (clients, friends, relatives = lip balm, and yes, boys are taken into consideration…sometimes). But I always bring my lipsticks just in case I have a meeting (or bump into a crush).

When I get home, I clean my face with Etude House’s Lip and Eye Make-Up Remover. Yes, I use a lot of Etude House stuff since that’s the brand my skin works best with. I have very sensitive skin, and I haven’t had any breakouts with Etude House and MUJI, thankfully.

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I like using orange and coral shades for my cheeks. I like how they create a sort-of sun-kissed touch. On a normal day, I use Etude House’s Dear Darling Tint in Orange or Maybelline’s Blush in Coral (or I mix them both). It also depends on what I wear. On days when I feel I need to look a bit more formal, I use Too Cool For School’s Multi Color Paint followed by a slight pat of MUJI A33 Blush (both have rose hues). If I want a bit of glimmer, I dust Too Cool for School’s Play Cheek Angel Blusher in Orange/Peach. If I need darker shades, I go to mum (same goes with the lips).

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I have a very minimal selection of lip products. MAC, snoe, and MUJI A43 Lipstick (which is peach in hue) are the main weapons, Nivea Lip Balm in Cherry on a lazy day (aka when I try to go for the girl-next-door look WHAT IS THAT??? But end up looking like a kid who just finished eating a cherry lollipop), Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm when I have chapped lips (and when I know I’ll be doing restaurant visits), and Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 in Cranberry, when I want an extra glossy coating.


Lip and Eye Essentials

But really—I only use 3 lipsticks regularly: MAC Viva Glam 1, MAC Ramblin’ Rose, and snoe in Plum Crazy. I also mix the Viva Glam with the Plum Crazy to find a balance between a shocking red and a Cruella de Vil vibe on my lips. The Viva Glam alone makes me look like I’m going to party at 1pm, while the Plum Crazy alone makes me look like a b—-izzare angry woman.

And my forever staples: eyeliner and eyebrow pencil—can’t leave home without the former.


Without make-up, I look really tired and sleepy thanks to my chinita eyes. Back in high school, my schoolmates would always ask if I was okay because I always looked like I was about to fall asleep, haha! I wear make-up—eyeliner, especially—to look presentable especially since my job requires me to talk to and meet a lot of people. I don’t want them to get the impression that I’m bored or sleepy.

Yay, thanks for indulging me, Mikka! If you love books, food, and adventures, be sure to check out Mikka’s blog, The Tiny Traveler, here. For more Nosy Beauty, click here.

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    • HEE HEE I agree! This post actually pushed another friend (Krysty on to finally get the bags, since she’s been eying them for a long time, apparently.

  1. Mikka has a pretty interesting kit. It seems highly utilitarian but able to make a statement as well (must be the lipsticks?) I like the quirkiness in this kit 😀

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