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Nosy Beauty Vol. 38: Liz

For today’s Nosy Beauty, I managed to get someone I admire very much from the beauty blogging community to agree to be a part of this series (38th post, can you believe it?!)—Liz Lanuzo from Project Vanity! Project Vanity is one of the biggest beauty blogs in the Philippines, and I quite luckily managed to befriend Liz over the last few years. 🙂 Aren’t you excited that we’re about to pick her brain about beauty?


I’m Liz Lanuzo and I work as a brand consultant for cosmetics brands. I help them with their press and blogger relations, marketing strategies, and social media identities. I’m also a beauty blogger at In my free time, I paint watercolors, ogle at fountain pens, play PlayStation, and hang out with my dog Snaps.


I don’t have a makeup bag per se – I have my dresser overflowing with stuff! I’m always in the middle of testing out new products so it’s a mess and I don’t have many “regulars”. I mean, yes, I have favorite products that I always reach out for, but when I can, I go for something new!

Perhaps the only time I ever use a makeup bag is when I’m traveling. Otherwise I prefer to do my full makeup at home and just retouch during the day! I don’t like heavy bags, so I use long-wearing products and only bring the absolute necessities for retouching. That would be a lipstick, a powder, and a fluffy brush to apply it.


Currently I am loving the Estée Lauder lipstick in Crystal Baby since it’s such a gorgeous MLBB on me, plus it’s moisturizing! I love how it wears on during the day. I also love the Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder as it takes away shine without adding any coverage. The finish is super smooth too! Lastly, I tote some sort of powder brush. Recently it’s been the Zoeva Luxe Face Definer since the pointy end allows me to get into corners under my eyes, around my nose, etc. Really handy even though it’s large.


My grandmother was a makeup artist. She had this amazing traincase full of cosmetics, and sometimes she would take her apos to shows in CCP where she does makeup. She would also always do our faces for graduations, school programs, and other special occasions! She is a fun, stylish grandmother to have. I worshipped her, in that regard.

When I was old enough to be allowed to use makeup, I started with blush. I then moved on to concealer, then eyebrows, then foundations, and the rest just flowed from that curiosity. I love how makeup can enhance everybody’s personal beauty or even create a completely new character. We don’t even need a lot – just a few key products can make all the difference!

The best part is the confidence that we feel whenever we have it on. Better-looking skin and groomed eyebrows at the very least polish up our appearance and makes us feel ready to take on anything – just like a pair of good heels, or flattering jeans.

So there you go! Hope you gals found this useful in some way haha. Thanks for asking me over Carina!

YAY, thanks Liz! I’m so happy that she agreed to do this feature. I had no idea her makeup roots extended that far! For more Liz (let’s pretend that you don’t already follow her…), check out Project Vanity. For more Nosy Beauty, click here.

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  1. I love her. Back then, Hers was the first and only beauty blog I’ve been checking religiously (partly because of her giveaways too… that I never won.. ~weeps gently~). I discovered your blog on hers too! That post “Five local beauty bloggers who I wish won’t quit” 🙂

  2. So nice to hear about the origins of Liz’s love for makeup. It often begins with a family member who does makeup beautifully. For me, my mom. :))

  3. That vanity is OUT OF CONTROL! Though tbh, I’m not really surprised. Haha. I think it’d be so fun to be Liz’s little sister.

    I love how sensible her “kit” is. I wish I could pare down as much but I feel really insecure taking out this or that.

    • What couldn’t you take out of your kit? I just bring a powder and lipstick these days! HAHAHA saya tingnan no?

  4. I’m surprised she only brings a few items with her. I thought she’d have several more lipsticks in her bag at least. And her dresser, whoa! So many products! I could just dive in there and have so much fun!

  5. VirginiaSaft says

    Would you mind if I did a Nosy Beauty series on my blog? (I’d give you credit of course!)

  6. That is a gorgeous post and I love the view on makeup as something about confidence rather than necessity and/or hiding our flaws. I agree wholeheartedly, but need to work on myself to always think that way.

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