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Nosy Beauty Vol. 31: Angel

YAY, A NOSY BEAUTY RIGHT ON SCHEDULE! /shuffle Today, I’ve got someone I actually met in real life first—a rarity!—at the launch of The Manila Review, one of the projects I’m involved with. Say hello to Angel, who was introduced to me by our mutual friend, Deus, and who immediately told me that she loved makeup, too. 🙂 She writes about life in Holland, art, and Scandinavian culture, among other things over here. I love this week’s Nosy Beauty because Angel didn’t scrimp on photographs! Heh. I hope you all enjoy it, too! I’m Angel, an editor, writer and communications strategist, and Ambassador of Dutch and Scandinavian culture. I love listening to music, discovering new art and design, hanging out with friends and exploring new cities. I am currently based in Holland, where I work for an international travel magazine. These are some of my favourite items (not necessarily what I use daily). The makeup bag is from Paul & Joe – I don’t really lug around a makeup bag, usually I just use it …

Nosy Beauty Vol. 30: Elaine

Ah! A new installment of Nosy Beauty. I am a failure at uploading, because Elaine actually sent this to me a few weeks ago but I hadn’t been able to fix it up in a post for you just yet. Anyway, please wish me luck as I try to wrangle up some future features and lightly tap the people I’ve already asked for updates. Ahem. Elaine is my internet friend (though we met in line for The National when they played here!) and I first knew her through her blog, ourconsciousness, I think. She also started blogging about beauty and body acceptance here on Flabs Rule The World, which I love. • Hello! My name is Elaine and I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist so you’ll always see me on the Internet. When I’m not online – which rarely happens – I read or binge watch television shows. It’s only recently that I discovered my interest in makeup and blogging about it. I’m a huge fan of Nosy Beauty and today I’m in it (achievement unlocked!) …

Nosy Beauty Vol. 29: Sasha

Hey, Internet. I’ve been having a bit of an issue getting a hold of people to feature here on Nosy Beauty, so for the meantime, I’m going to post a new entry (hopefully) every other Friday now, as opposed to every single Saturday, which I used to do before its inevitable, temporary demise. Anyway, this week, I’ve got Sasha of Go for Garbo, one of my favorite new beauty blogs, and also reader/writer of my favorite book blog: Other Sashas. Enjoy! • Hello, Carina’s corner of the Internet! My name is Sasha Martinez, and I write for a living. I’m also a gangly, awkward nerdface with a belated but nonetheless ardent fascination with makeup, helped along by ch-ch-ch-changes brought on by a belated and horrifically tedious skincare regimen. I guess this fascination came to a head when I found myself keeping a dedicated pocket notebook just for makeup thoughts—partly tracking my use of products, partly a skincare diary, mostly arguments with myself re buying two eye palettes in one go, yadda. And then I was …

Nosy Beauty Vol. 28: Erin

Nosy Beauty is back! After an unexpected hiatus, sorry guys. This week, I’ve got Erin, who I first met online because of a shared love for film photography. Ooo~ Ha-ro! My name is Erin, a catwoman already in her late 20s who likes writing for fun & money and taking pictures in black & white. I run my own webzine – Parallel Planets. I’m currently in Tokyo, Japan and I’m loving every day that I’m here. My make-up bag is very basic that if it were a real girl, you wouldn’t bother dating it. Haha. Seriously, though, my make-up process is not very scientific. As much as possible, I try to appear “comely” in 5 steps or less. STEP 1: So, before applying any make-up, I always put on Nivea Soft Cream just to moisturize my face before applying some liquid foundation – I currently use Kanebo, which is readily available here in Tokyo. STEP 2: I love wearing eyeliner. It was the first make-up which I learned how to use and I’ve been using …

Nosy Beauty Vol. 27: Saab

Hello, I remembered to post on time this week. Congratulate me! For this week’s Nosy Beauty, I’ve asked Saab to share some of her makeup-y bits. I’m pretty sure y’all know who she is, haha. Anyway, this is a little creepy to say (maybe), but I’ve always loved Saab’s face. When I noticed that she’d been posting a lot more beauty-related stuff, I thought I’d ask her to be a part of this series! If you didn’t already know, Saab blogs over at Spell Saab. She is also an actress and sings in two bands, Duster and Cheats. Hope you enjoy! I don’t want to treat makeup like a mask, I like to think of it as more of a highlighter of my better features. Also, I don’t like to completely erase my eyebags. I like my eyebags – I think I look so weird without them.

Nosy Beauty Vol. 26: Laala

Hey everyone! Today’s Nosy Beauty victim is Laala from Intermittent Makeup. I actually got to know her through Tumblr first; she was friends with one of my friends and we all liked books. 🙂 She’s a poet with great taste in both books and makeup. Hope you all enjoy! I’m quite laid back when it comes to makeup. Between the ages of 10 to about 13 I went through a phase where I’d constantly be sitting front of my vanity trying on different coloured eyeshadows (my personal favourite was a bright yellow hue). My mum would give me some bits she didn’t want, and I used to spend my pocket money picking up cheap stuff I could afford.

Nosy Beauty Vol. 25: Paulina

Today’s Nosy Beauty candidate (lol) is a pretty special one because she’s one of my favorite people! Meet Paulina. She was my college blockmate (as in, we majored in the same… major and took a lot of the same classes) and is one of the funniest, sincerely nice, and coolest people I know. This is us, freshman year, lol: Paulina’s now based in Singapore, working as a graphic designer and art director for a design studio, so I don’t see her that often anymore. This is her portfolio, and sometimes she posts on her blog here. In any case, here she is!