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Nosy Beauty Vol. 25: Paulina

Today’s Nosy Beauty candidate (lol) is a pretty special one because she’s one of my favorite people! Meet Paulina. She was my college blockmate (as in, we majored in the same… major and took a lot of the same classes) and is one of the funniest, sincerely nice, and coolest people I know. This is us, freshman year, lol:


Paulina’s now based in Singapore, working as a graphic designer and art director for a design studio, so I don’t see her that often anymore. This is her portfolio, and sometimes she posts on her blog here. In any case, here she is!


I think make-up is a great tool that allows people to physically reflect how they feel on certain days (i.e. plain, or sweet, or sultry, or even crazy!). I love that it’s a wonderful way to enhance people’s best features too. And while I personally don’t do very exciting things with make-up, I admire people who are able to explore it with a sense of artistry.


Benetint by Benefit — My absolute favourite! I feel naked leaving the house without it. Haha. I hate putting foundation or anything that I feel will cake my face, so I love how this tint feels so light on the skin that you forget you have anything on. It’s very subtle, but it adds a nice amount of color that makes the skin look more alive.

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner — When I’m not rushing to go out, I like to add a wing tip liner. I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds, from pencil liners to felt-tip ones, but I ended up liking gel the most. I love the consistency, and that it doesn’t dry into a film-like cake (which I found that felt-tip liquid liners do). It also doesn’t smudge very much. I prefer very clean lines.

Kiehl’s Tinted Lip Balm — I usually have very dry lips (I forget to drink water when I’m working!), so it helps to always have some lip balm on. I also do a fair bit of walking to work everyday, and it’s very sunny where I live, so anything with SPF helps.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray — On most days I tie my hair up into a bun because it’s easier for me to work that way. But on days when I wear it down, I like to use this product.

I rarely comb or brush my hair. Hahaha. It’s a mixture of laziness, and being absolutely opposed to the the idea of seeing silky smooth hair on myself. I much prefer how slightly messy, disheveled hair looks. I also like how this product allows me to run out the door straight from towel-drying my hair. It makes hair dry up nicely with a good amount of texture. It also smells like the sea

Kiehl’s Acai Moisturizer, Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner and Midnight Recovery Concentrate — I am the worst at putting skincare products on my face. I always forget to do so! But lately, I have been making the effort, especially since I am prone to fairly dry skin (I have mild skin asthma) and get a quite a bit of sun from my daily commute. I also tend to go out with a bare face and very little make-up, so it’s important I take care of my skin. I like how these products feel very light (even the oil) and really keep the skin supple.


And that’s that! I love how her routine is so simple, but honestly, Pau is one of the real natural beauties I know. 🙂 And, she’s very unconcerned (i.e. she isn’t fussy) about her looks. Ah, this post makes me miss her tons! We used to spend practically everyday together since we usually try to get the same classes. I did see her some time in November at a music festival in Singapore (I flew over):


Thank you, Paulina! For more Nosy Beauty, click here.

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