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A Couple of MAC Randoms: Stormy Pink Pro Longwear Paint Pot & See Sheer Lipstick

MAC Randoms

I don’t really buy MAC products anymore, but I get gifted with them once in a while. Here’s a paint pot I got from a Christmas gift exchange with my cousins and a lipstick I got from Sarie, who shot an event for MAC and was given store credit.

MAC Paint Pots have quite possibly my favorite cream eyeshadow formula, by a mile. They’re long-lasting on my oily lids (so much so that I don’t need a primer, which is pretty unheard of) and come in a great variety of mostly neutral shades that are easy to wear alone or layer under powder eyeshadows.

MAC - Stormy Pink - Swatch

I’ve worn Stormy Pink a couple of times, and I love it a lot. It’s actually more purple thank pink, but it’s pretty grey-toned (get it? Stormy?) and is a creamy matte. It’s one of my favorite things to wear these days. Here are a few looks that I’ve already posted here:

FOTD - Chestnuts Eyes

FOTD: Mauvelous ChestnutsStormy Pink all over the lids topped with bareMinerals Ginger Sugar, Velvet Mauve, and Toasted Espresso.

FOTD - Eyes

FOTD: Eye of Newt & the StormStormy Pink on the outer corner.

FOTD - 1

Predictably, a hit for me. I absolutely love MAC Paint Pots, I have five other shades you can see here. I wish they’d go back to being cruelty-free, if only for these beauties.

MAC See Sheer - Swatch

Up next is the lipstick in See Sheer. It’s a MAC lustre finish, though I find it quite thicker than the other lustres I have and more on par with the satin lipsticks. It’s a beautiful sheer color that you can build up to a pretty true opacity.

See Sheer

It wears off beautifully and naturally, though it can sink into the lip lines if your lips are too dry. See Sheer is not a color I see a lot of and I don’t know why because I absolutely love it, despite how warm it looks at first. I’m not too big a fan of warm-toned/orange lipsticks and I opt for pinkier corals, but this is definitely a shade I enjoy. I’ve worn this in a post before:

Hourglass Dim Light Face

Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette

In darker lighting, the color is more intense, and much warmer. Which is why I only want to wear this in places where there’s copious amounts of sunlight.

Anyway, both are great additions to my stash right now. All I have to say here is: MAC, please stop selling in China already!

Both items were gifted to me. MAC tests on animals when required by law.


  1. Hey Carina, I’ve been eyeing See Sheer forever but I never took the plunge! It’s such a gorgeous shade on you! I’m not too sure how Stormy Pink will look on me, but again, I think you’re totally rocking it!

  2. I’ve never tried MAC paint pots (have never even swatched them) but I love the idea! Maybe I will give them a try during my next visit to MAC.

  3. Both are such lovely looking products! =) Don’t think I can justify buying it for myself, but I know very many people who would look good in this product. Thanks for the review.

  4. Oh, oh, I think I will like this. This and bobbi brown’s long wearing shadow sticks (I’m eyeing bark). I didn’t ever think I’d get excited over eyemakeup considering how I used to hate my drooping hooded eyes.

      • I don’t like the powder ones I have (those in the bobbi & katie palette). But their creams are ok ‘daw’.

      • I meant your eyelids! Haha. 🙂 I’ve never tried Bobbi Brown and it was too late to try when I did my CF thing. I think LM Caviar Sticks are pretty popular also.

      • Hahaha! I downgraded from ‘hate’ to mere ‘annoyance’.

        But your reddit link made me feel all tingly and excited.

    • They’re great but vary in texture, especially when it comes to the shimmer-free ones which can look a bit ashy. I am partial to Bare Study, Rubenesque, Groundwork, and Constructivist, just in terms of creaminess of texture.

      But I love them all. HAHAHA. Of course I do.

  5. Sheens says

    That’s a really pretty color. I do like how you did a two-tone thing best. 🙂

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