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What’s the Deal with Nail Polish?

This is my nail polish collection, perhaps the only area in my dip to vanity that has remained untouched by my magpie tendencies to hoard and collect the shinies.°

The only reason why I even bought these (except for the tiny MaxFactor Glossfinity,* which was in a BDJ Box I received) was because I was looking for cruelty-free nail polish that was available here. Butter London and Scotch Naturals fit the bill. They are CF and don’t have a lot of bad chemicals and are available here through online resellers like AVA, which is where I bought these ones that I have.

I have Bossy Boots, a creamy pale green, and No More Waity Katie, a weird purple-grey with shimmer, from Butter London, and then Ceasefire, a kind of deep hunter green from Scotch Naturals.

As much as I like these, I only have three colors because they are crazy expensive and take too much trouble to put on. This is my nail routine:

1. Base Coat
2. Nail Polish

I usually accidentally smoosh or chip the polish before it dries thoroughly, though I should note that Butter London is actually amazing and dries super fast, which is why I love their formula. Add to that, their polish can withstand a lot of trauma before they start to chip. I didn’t have the same luck with Scotch Naturals, and MaxFactor was just a smoosh pile on top of my nails.

I recently bought a top coat so that I can actually keep on using my Scotch Naturals because I love the actual contents of the formula, which contains four general ingredients: water, acrylic polymer, Butoxy diglycol, and ‘non-toxic colorants’.

When I rave about Butter London, you have to understand that I hate almost all nail polish formulas, and that me actually saying I love Butter London means a lot.

Anyway, I meant for this to be a short post asking what’s a beauty product everyone is crazy about that you never really got into? Mine is definitely nails. And maybe hair.

° This is actually not true anymore. I placed an order for a few Butter London colors, since they’re having a massive sale (Seriously, go here now.) and this is the only formula that made me actually like nail polish.

* PR Sample. MaxFactor is not cruelty-free.

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  1. Even though I am a big polish fan, my collection isnt so large, I recently threw away all the cheap (and some expensive but crap) polishes. I really want to try Butter London and Essie but neither ship to where I live, so I instead I use and really love LCN. There not that expensive (cheaper than max factor) but the quality is good. Steph x

  2. Wow I am yet to try Butter London polishes and since I’ve been on a bit of a polish obsession lately, I think I’ll have to check out that sale. How’s the shipping cost to here? I’m filling up my cart now as I type this. LOL

  3. Nails too…you’re right, they take way too much time to set and I always end up screwing one or two of them up to such an extent that I must repaint…such a hassle! 😛

    • Super! And when I wear a certain color and it clashes with my clothes… I LOSE IT. And I’m not even a fashionable person to begin with!

      • Right?! Makeup is so much more changeable, nail polishes take forever to remove and repaint -.-

  4. I feel this way about blush. I understand that there’s a noticeable difference between warm-toned and cool-toned blushes, but beyond that, don’t they all look more or less the same when they’re sheered out on the face? I will say that I love the editorial looks that Kate of Drivel about Frivol does, with the blush concentrated high on the cheeks; you can really see the subtle differences between colors there. But I’m a mere mortal and have never felt the need to own more than two blushes.

    • Kate’s (DAF) blush game is ON POINT. I love her looks so much, and I have been experimenting with placement of the blush. Closer to the hairline, I think, allows you a more concentrated application that you can sheer out, going into the center of your face. I think that while you have a point, there is a vast tonal range and opacity of blushes that people like. I’m not really a blush fiend myself, although I definitely own more than two, lol. I WISH I could ignore blushes and just go with two, but what can ya do!

  5. I would highly recommend Dazzle Dry. It’s cruelty-free, and it dries super fast! We have a good supplier here in the Ph, dazzledry.ph.

  6. I used to be super obsessed with nail polish, long before other makeup products got introduced in my life. But I guess I no longer as crazy about it as I was before, cos I now like other beauty/makeup products like lipsticks. Good for you that you didn’t get through that nail polish phase.. cos it can get really addicting and costly! 😛

    • HAY. My other addictions are costly, though. LOL. I think I’d actually save a couple of bucks if I got into nail polish instead. Unless it was some expensive brand like Chanel~

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