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Nailing it with Navy

My relationship with nail polish oscillates so much between love and hate, we could probably star in a romcom. My small hands (short fingers!) with miniscule nails and nail polish are often a match made somewhere nasty. Call me babyfingers—ewwww. After much trial and error though, I figured out that a) I am not very adventurous when it comes to nail polish shades, b) but I won’t stand by a suckiness in formula, and c) the Seche Vite top coat is a godsend. It is the turning point in my love-hate tale that finally turns it into a romance.

Current Nail Routine

I’m not a nail polish fiend, but lately I’ve been enjoying painting them. Here’s my usual routine: — Base Coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails — Chosen Nail Lacquer — Top Coat: China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat I’m a big fan of the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, but I’m not too sure how I feel about the China Glaze top coat. I mentioned before that nails aren’t really my thing, and I’m terrible at nail art or even just regular application. What I’ve been doing lately is having an accent nail, usually the ring fingers. This pretty hot pink is by Butter London, and it’s called Primrose Hill Picnic. It’s a fabulous cream and goes on opaque in one coat. The rest of the nails are painted in Barry M’s Countess, which Laala gave to me via her swap. Butter London and Barry M are cruelty-free. Follow me: Bloglovin' • Twitter • Instagram • YouTube • Facebook

Barry M Nail Paint in Countess and Blood Orange

I got these awesome Barry M nail paints from my swap with Laala! I had never tried them out before, but I always see them in blogs, since I follow quite a few UK-based ones and everyone seems to love these. Laala says that these are probably her favorite nail polish formulas, after Chanel, and that sounds pretty freaking awesome to me. She got me a red shade (Blood Orange) from their Gelly line and a super freaking pretty glitter/textured shade (Countess) from a limited edition collection called Royal Glitter. Anyway, it is beautiful. It looks brown in the bottle, but on the nails it is a magic color. … Apologies for this pitiful picture, lol. The brushes on these splay out a little, which is a bit hard because my nails are exceptionally small. However, they are perfectly fine brushes. I wore both so I can test them equally, and over a base coat, this formula lasted pretty long. Only my right index finger showed any signs of wear as I was vigorously scrubbing …

What’s the Deal with Nail Polish?

This is my nail polish collection, perhaps the only area in my dip to vanity that has remained untouched by my magpie tendencies to hoard and collect the shinies.° The only reason why I even bought these (except for the tiny MaxFactor Glossfinity,* which was in a BDJ Box I received) was because I was looking for cruelty-free nail polish that was available here. Butter London and Scotch Naturals fit the bill. They are CF and don’t have a lot of bad chemicals and are available here through online resellers like AVA, which is where I bought these ones that I have. I have Bossy Boots, a creamy pale green, and No More Waity Katie, a weird purple-grey with shimmer, from Butter London, and then Ceasefire, a kind of deep hunter green from Scotch Naturals. As much as I like these, I only have three colors because they are crazy expensive and take too much trouble to put on. This is my nail routine: 1. Base Coat 2. Nail Polish I usually accidentally smoosh or …