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Barry M Nail Paint in Countess and Blood Orange

Barry M Nail Paint

I got these awesome Barry M nail paints from my swap with Laala! I had never tried them out before, but I always see them in blogs, since I follow quite a few UK-based ones and everyone seems to love these. Laala says that these are probably her favorite nail polish formulas, after Chanel, and that sounds pretty freaking awesome to me. She got me a red shade (Blood Orange) from their Gelly line and a super freaking pretty glitter/textured shade (Countess) from a limited edition collection called Royal Glitter. Anyway, it is beautiful. It looks brown in the bottle, but on the nails it is a magic color.

Barry M Polishes - Countess, Blood Orange - Nails

… Apologies for this pitiful picture, lol. The brushes on these splay out a little, which is a bit hard because my nails are exceptionally small. However, they are perfectly fine brushes. I wore both so I can test them equally, and over a base coat, this formula lasted pretty long. Only my right index finger showed any signs of wear as I was vigorously scrubbing some makeup jars that I needed to clean.

Countess is honestly amazing. It was literal love at first swipe for me. ❤

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  1. Zoë says

    YAY! So I don’t know if Laala told you this, but I was searching for Countness when I came to London because I had seen swatches and loved it so much. I bought a bottle for myself, a friend and a giveaway and when Laala swatched it she fell in love too and grabbed one for you and her… we went to the cash with 5 bottles of the same polish 🙂 Got to love beauty bloggers!

    • She hadn’t mentioned that! Such a funny and cute story. 🙂 It’s kind of ridiculous how we all manage to enable each other. I die every time you post about LUSH, for example!

  2. Omg I absolutely love these colors! What do you think of the quality? Because I have heard a loooot of bad stuff about Barry M.. So I never tried them!

    • Really? I’ve only heard good things, and these are quite excellent, especially the glitter/textured polish!

  3. These are beautiful! I like a good red and I think you got a great one right there!

  4. Pudpod nails unite! I have teeny tiny nails too but I still wear nail polish. Haha! I love Countless, It’s such a unique color.

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