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Random Bits from Oslo Cosmetics: Eye Bond Primer Wand and Lip Slick

I usually ease myself into indie brands by getting their powder products. I feel like it’s kind of hard to mess up loose eyeshadows or blushes. After a spectacular experience with Oslo’s blushes and eyeshadows, I thought it would be fun to venture into their other offerings, so I got a Lip Slick and their eye primer.

Oslo - Hibiscus

I got the Lip Slick mini in Hibiscus. It’s a pretty peachy pink that I felt looked a lot like MAC’s Betty Bright. It’s a bit pinker than Betty Bright, but it’s still a rather pretty color, IMO.

Oslo Lip Slick - Hibiscus

The formula is very smooth and it glides on the lips fairly easily. I wasn’t super impressed with Shiro’s Intertubes, but these lip slicks from Oslo (or this shade that I got to try, at least) are what I thought those would be.

Graymelin Face 1

Hibiscus is decently pigmented, but it’s buildable, and the formula is enjoyable and fairly moisturizing. I like it a lot and would order these over the Shiro Intertubes, as far as my experience goes.

Oslo Eye Bond Primer Wand

I’ve always wanted to try Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, but since they don’t ship to the Philippines, I thought I could start with this one.

Oslo Eye Bond Primer Wand - Swatch

The consistency is very liquid-y, similar to lip and cheek stains, but quite runny and slightly sticky. The color is clear, and the formula doesn’t quite set. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out well for me as a primer and my eyeshadow started creasing after only a few minutes.

Oslo Cosmetics Eye Bond Primer Wand

But then, I tried to work more with it by applying even less on my eyelids so that it’s not so slippery and will set faster. It was a bit better, but it still creased really badly on me. I’m yet to try it over a proper primer and just use it as a sticky base, but I’m a little apprehensive. For now, this isn’t something I would recommend.

Oslo Cosmetics is cruelty-free.

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    • Welcome; I hope you like them! I think their shop is closed right now, though. :/ Hello Waffle from Etsy seems really great.

  1. I seriously want to try Fyrinnae products. Like I want to own every one of the lip lustures.

    That lip slick is rather pretty! Can you use it as a blush?

    • GAH I am so annoyed by their customer service that I’m making it a mission to just look for other brands to support.

      I haven’t actually tried using it as a blush!

  2. Hibiscus is adorable! The primer is a little shocking though. It’s a primer that totally defeats the purpose of using a primer!

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