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Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shinebox*

Not too long ago, I received an email from StrawberryNET, asking if I wanted to try out this product by Fusion Beauty. I hadn't heard of this brand before, but I figured that I had nothing to lose if I gave it a shot.

I was expecting a random product, but it turns out that this brand used to be carried in Sephora, before the founders sold it off and it basically faded into oblivion. It got a few glowing reviews from people like Charleston Girl of Best Things in Beauty.

Ultraflesh - Shinebox - Tiers

The Shinebox is a highlight and shimmer collection. “Now every angle is your angle. Day or night. Let no surface go unlit,” my box says. As you can see, there are 3 tiers of compartments, and all of them house a highlight of some sort. They all kind of swivel out, like a spiral staircase.

Ultraflesh - Shinebox - Enhancer Powder

The first tier has the “enhancer,” and is confusingly stamped with the word anyplace on the packaging. It's a powder highlight that gives a pretty warm glow. This is the closest one to my skin tone.

Ultraflesh - Shinebox - Cream Shimmers

The second tier houses two “all over highlighters,” which are cream products. One is more golden (stamped with anywhere) and the other is a bit of a rose gold (stamped with anytime). The shades are pretty thin-creamy, if that makes sense.

Ultraflesh - Shinebox - Highlighter Eyeliner

The third tier has tiny little pencils in them—the “all over shimmers” in the palette. The first one, a white, is called secret shimmer, and the other one, a rosy gold, is called nude shimmer. These are extremely small.

Ultraflesh - Shinebox - Swatches

Overall, the palette performs well, but I don't believe it's that portable or efficient. Who wears 3-5 highlighters all at once? This would have been such a nice full face kit.

Also, I'm a little confused at why this product was sent for testing, since the brand has (presumably) been off the radar for a while. It's on places like Amazon, but so far, no major beauty carriers or even buzz. Is this an attempt at a comeback?

In any case, I had a great time exploring this brand, as well as StrawberryNET. I know that a lot of beauty junkies used to buy their cosmetics there, in the days of yore. They have brands like NARS, By Terry, and Cle de Peau, aside from this brand that everyone seems to have forgotten.

* PR Sample. This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. I would love to have a look at those highlighters though. They look incredibly pretty! And maybe they’re all packaged together because they know that people don’t usually touch up on their highlighter as the day goes on?

  2. badgalrayray says

    Is it anything like thr Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders? And you were right btw! Luminous Light gives off a Galadriel glow. 🙂

  3. aww i remember this kit! I still had a few of their lip plumping things hanging around until i did a big clean up recently lol. in any event, doesn’t strawberry net carry discontinued or LE products?

    • I don’t think they’re exclusively a carrier of DC & LE products, but I can’t be too sure. I would have loved to have tried more from their range, but that’s a whole other level of hard-to-acquire products, haha.

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