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Too Cool for School Glam Rock Urban Shadows

Two of my purchases from Seoul were these Glam Rock Urban Shadows from Too Cool for School. I got a dirty olive in a satin finish (13 Viva Green) and a frosty light peach (3 Peach Glow).

TCFS - Glam Rock Urban Shadow - 13 Viva Green, 3 Peach Glow

They are very easy colors to wear, apply, and pair together. The texture of the shadows is smooth, but not so soft and buttery that it goes all over the place. They crease on me without a primer, but so do all other eyeshadows, except for Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes.

TCFS - Glam Rock Urban Shadow - 13 Viva Green, 3 Peach Glow - Swatch
Swatched, L-R: Viva Green, Peach Glow

Now, this is a situation where I think “quality over quantity” applies. You see, there’s nothing inherently wrong with these items… I just think I have better eyeshadows in these colors already. I’m having a great moment with olives and khakis right now, but even though I gravitate towards those types of shades in a particular range of eyeshadows, it doesn’t mean I have to get them. Especially if I already have something that could substitute it.

I’m happy that these work well for me, but I also feel kind of stupid because I’m not sure if I will reach for them all that often because I have other shades I like using. But anyway. I do love Peach Glow on my inner corners, though.

Glossier + Sunscreen - Face

3CE Glitter Red Bean Gel Eye Liner - Eye

Too Cool for School was running a “buy 2, get a gift” promo and I got this Art Class DIY Color Mix Palette with a single eyeshadow inside called Khaki Grey.

TCFS - Art School Eyeshadow - DIY Color Mix Palette - Khaki Gray

The idea is that you can pop in these little squares (or rectangles for blush!) into a customizable palette you can bring around. Very cute, but I think they might be phasing these out, as I haven’t seen the individual pans in TCFS stores in Korea, and I went to three. As luck would have it, I saw some in the counters here in Manila, so there’s that.

TCFS - Art School Eyeshadow - DIY Color Mix Palette - Khaki Gray - Swatch

Khaki Grey is a very cool-toned silver with subtle khaki tones. It’s beautiful, but I’m not sure it’s a great color for me, personally. I kind of wish I hadn’t swatched it so that someone else can have it, unmarred by my stumpy fingers.


I love the quality of both ranges in Too Cool for School, so it’s a great brand to try if you haven’t amassed an eyeshadow stash as huge as mine just yet.

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  1. The eyeshadow itself is quite tiny, but the packaging design is really lovely. I have the art class blusher which comes in a tube, like the watercolor paints usually come in. The pigmentation and the color looks nice here, too.

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