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BNTGirls Review: Amaranth Ultra Hydrating Cream*

The Amaranth Ultra Hydrating Cream* is quite a light cream used for “smoothing face,” which I presume means that it gives the wearer a visibly smoother visage. “Pave your way to beautiful & healthy skin,” the pamphlet says. “It meets your needs.” It “gives elasticity and moisture” to the skin using vegetable moisture water drops that contain Rosa Centifolia Flower Water or rose water, a common skin care ingredient, Panax Ginseng Root Extract which is one of Korea’s main crops, and Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract. These ingredients help with soothing irritated skin. The Aramanth Ultra Hydrating Cream is the first of the AMC Special Care Series, which is a four-step process. It’s considerably shorter than a lot of the typical Korean skin care lines, with this product as the basic hydrator. This is used after cleansing and toning.

Spotlight: Too Cool for School’s Dinoplatz Line

Steadily becoming one of my favorite Korean brands, Too Cool for School’s initial and long-standing hook for me was their Dinoplatz range. Designed by an American studio with commissioned illustrations from Hatori Sando, the Dinoplatz line is fun, fresh, quirky, and really, really cute. I was a goner, basically, so please forgive me if this review runs a little long. In 2013, I bought bath salts (?) and an illuminator from TCFS as part of my test run of the brand. I never ventured into their color cosmetics until I got samples from Too Cool for School PH (review) and until I went to several Too Cool for School branches in Korea and tried my hardest to resist. I came home with some Dinoplatz items: 3 chubby eye crayons (1 is for my sister!) and a cream glitter shadow. Sidenote Dinoplatz means “dino ground” or “dino space.” Their branding has “Dino,” a crossed-out “spiel,” and “platz.” Spielplatz is German for “playground.” The more you know. Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Eye Krrrayon Stick in #3 …

BNTGirls Review: Leaders Moisture Therapy Body Oil Cream*

Coming back from two long trips with harsher, colder, and drier climates left my skin in a really rotten state. I’ve always had dry and sensitive skin, so although I’m quite lazy with body care, I try whenever it gets more harassed than usual. Before trying out Leaders Moisture Therapy Body Oil Cream* I was only using lotions, body butters, and aloe gel. I’ve always wanted to try a body oil! The Leaders products I’ve received have been OK for me to try (I especially loved the acne patches), so I was excited to try this one. The Moisture Therapy Body Oil Cream claims to soften moisturize the skin using its blend of amino acid complex, vitamin capsule, and herb complex. The packaging is a little clinical and clunky, but I don’t mind, as it’s the inside that counts.

BNTGirls Review: isoi Bulgarian Rose Intensive Energizing Cream*

One of the exciting things that happened to me in Korea was actually seeing the brands being sold in stores like Olive Young or Watsons, or seeing physical single shops like the isoi shop in Ewha. Many of the brands I have tried for BNT Girls aren’t out in the actual Manila market, so it was kind of a fun experience, seeing them in the flesh. The i’m SO intelligent Bulgarian Rose Intensive Energizing Cream* would actually have been so perfect for that cold, windy afternoon we spent at Ewha. My fingers literally felt like they were going to fall off. This cream is an anti-aging product that aims to solve all aging issues. It contains 25 different natural ingredients, all to help lift saggy skin, whiten, and moisturize dry skin. The end goal for this product is to bring back the original vitality of the skin and to aid the skin’s regenerative ability. Since the cream is so thick, it’s meant to be used as the last step of the basic skin care process, …

BNTGirls Review: Doctorcos Next Generation Blocker*

You guys, I’m so excited for this. Even though I went through an obsessive Googling period, so I could see more information on the Doctorcos Next Generation Blocker* and came up with nothing but links to the ever-popular Sheet Free Mask, it still couldn’t damper the excitement I have for this product. It’s just sunscreen, sure, but it’s a Korean liquid, spray-on SPF 30 PA++ and I maintain that Korean and Japanese sunscreens are way better than Western counterparts (sorry). At least in blocking out the UV rays. Sidenote I slathered on more sunscreen I had in my life during the six weeks I was in the States in the fall and I still got several shades darker. I used an American brand, and that is the extent of the basis for my opinion. And also according to the blogs of people I like. SCIENCE! Anyway. This “new generation sunblock” does its job of keeping out the UV rays (for a long time), but also contains highly pure proteins for skin activation and protection. All …

3CE Gel Eye Liner

Super Fave: 3CE Gel Eye Liners

Hey, all! I thought I’d surprise you guys with a post dipping into my Korea shappeeeen disaster haul starting with these beautiful gel liners from Stylenanda’s cosmetics arm, 3CE or 3 Concept Eyes. (Speaking of hauls, is that something you’d be interested in seeing? I’m thinking of filming a video, but I’m not sure if people are into that. Let me know!) I recently called 3CE (or 3 Concept Eyes) my happy place and this is a preview of why that is. I had to tear myself away from Seoul because I wanted to buy all of the 3CE Gel Eye Liners (among other things…), and I’m a little proud of myself for settling on just two.

BNTGirls Review: Hongik Skin Oh! Real Oh Bubble The Hayan GT-Cleanser*

The Hongik Skin Oh! Real Oh Bubble The Hayan GT-Cleanser* (or Yeoin Yeo Dduianal Woo—which translates to Whiter Admiration Cleanser—Real Oh Bubble The Hayan GT-Cleanser, as the box says in English) is a luxurious cream that foams into a moisture-rich lather to gently clean, calm, and soften skin, to “reveal skin’s youthful angelic glow.” This cleanser has three main functions: pore tightening, deep cleansing, and whitening. The bottle is super cute and clear, showing you just how much product is left. There is a surprising weight to it. The product is dispensed through a pump, as with most foaming products, which is easy to use. I found this bubbly surprise the day after I first used it. It contains mung bean, soybean, coconut, papaya fruit, and other plant extracts. These make it moisturizing, despite being a foaming cleanser. Mung bean is used for exfoliation and to help with acne scarring. Topical application of soy bean extract has been tested to improve the “skin’s mottled pigmentation, blotchiness, dullness, fine lines, overall texture, overall skin tone, and …