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BNTGirls Review: Doctorcos Next Generation Blocker*

You guys, I’m so excited for this.

Even though I went through an obsessive Googling period, so I could see more information on the Doctorcos Next Generation Blocker* and came up with nothing but links to the ever-popular Sheet Free Mask, it still couldn’t damper the excitement I have for this product.

It’s just sunscreen, sure, but it’s a Korean liquid, spray-on SPF 30 PA++ and I maintain that Korean and Japanese sunscreens are way better than Western counterparts (sorry). At least in blocking out the UV rays.


I slathered on more sunscreen I had in my life during the six weeks I was in the States in the fall and I still got several shades darker. I used an American brand, and that is the extent of the basis for my opinion. And also according to the blogs of people I like. SCIENCE!


Doctorcos Next Generation Block - Spray

This “new generation sunblock” does its job of keeping out the UV rays (for a long time), but also contains highly pure proteins for skin activation and protection. All without getting you sticky or irritated.

It still smells and looks like sunblock, but it’s way less messy to apply and it doesn’t make you feel gross and sticky. The formula is safe enough to use on your body and face, though it’s wise to bear in mind that it might leave a white cast if you’re a little dark like me.

Doctorcos Next Generation Block - Spray

Just shake, spray, and spread.

For use on my face, I spray it on my hand first then pat on my face. Since it’s very runny and can get messy, I spray once, apply, then spray and apply again if I feel like it’s not enough sun protection.

Glossier + Sunscreen - Face

Here’s my face with the sunscreen & makeup on. I love that it quickly absorbs, allowing you to wear your usual makeup, business as usual. The white cast isn’t too obvious, too, so yay! I’m well protected! I like how this wears on my face, too, as it doesn’t grease up as much as the day goes on.

Doctorcos Next Generation Block

Something I don’t quite like about this is the strong sunscreen smell, which isn’t ideal for a product you’re putting close to your nose. Another con to this is probably the packaging, which gets a little messy and is kind of hard to understand with all the random words on the bottle, but I don’t really mind all that much so long as it works for me.

And this product definitely does.

Say hello to the bntgirls official badge! * PR Sample. Product was sampled and reviewed as part of the terms outlined for the BNT Girls.

Other BNT Girls: Joanne, Kine, Doris, Bella.

I have no information regarding Doctorcos’ animal testing policy.

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