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5 Things Friday: Cleansers on Rotation

Does anyone else enjoy rotating “regular” products? I assume this is the reason why I haven’t been able to gather enough empties at one time for a video. I like variety and I like using different products instead of sticking to one—and this is the reason for my failed minimalist dreams. Ahem.

Here are five cleansers currently in my rotation right now. I’m lucky that my skin kind of bounces back from tantrums really quickly, but if yours tends to need a bit of time to regulate and recalibrate itself, I would advise against using different cleansers at one time.

5TF - Cleansers

Hongik Skin Oh! Real Oh Bubble The Hayan GT-Cleanser* — This… is a mouthful. I usually go for this when I feel like my skin really needs a deep cleanse after a long day. It’s a foaming cleanser that leaves my skin really clean. I used to use it in the morning, too, but now it’s reserved for night time.

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Balancing Facial Cleanser — This is the other cleanser I use at night. It’s so refreshing, but it has some slightly abrasive beads that gently exfoliate your skin, so I don’t like using it everyday. Unlike the Sea Buckthorn oil, this has a pleasant citrus scent that I take joy in smelling every time I wash my face.

Human Nature Nourishing Facial Wash — This is an amazing, light facial cleanser that’s cheap and good for most skin types. I use it every morning before starting my day. I love Human Nature because it’s local, sustainable, and the products are great. Also, it provides livelihood for Filipinos.

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser with Clary Sage* — I received this over the holidays and I’m happy to report that it’s been great for my usually-dry skin. I spring for this whenever I feel like my skin is too parched or dry. It’s hard to tell when you’re in a tropical country, but when my skin’s acting up, it’s almost usually because it’s dry.

Milea Honey — I like using honey as a day cleanser, too, if I don’t feel like I have too much dirt or grime. It’s supposedly balancing and antibacterial, and is perfect for sensitive skin. I like it because it’s cheap and multipurpose (you can add in clay, etc. to make a DIY mask), and because it’s very, very gentle. My skin has been clear whenever I remember to use honey as a cleanser. A CAVEAT: Make sure your honey is honey! I bought mine from a bee farm, but most of the honey sold in supermarkets is just sugar/syrup.

And that’s all folks! I’m pretty happy with my rotation right now, though of course I could make it simpler. I would probably stick with the Sibu Balancing Facial Cleanser and either the honey or the Human Nature Nourishing Facial Wash. It all depends on how my skin behaves, really.

When I travel, though, it’s much simpler and I just try to deal with my dry skin with a heavier moisturizer and then spot-treat blemishes.

What does your facial cleanser situation look like? Do you stick to one or do you rotate like me?

* Items marked with an asterisk are PR Samples.

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  1. I’m terrible at rotating “regular” products, but that means that my empties are always the same and there’s no point in blogging about them! My skin is sensitive enough that when I find something I like, I tend to stick to it.

    • I’d love to know what you use, though! Because that means they’ve been working well for you for a long time = sign of an amazing product!

  2. Katria says

    I totally rotate products like this too. I usually alternate during the week between one or two cleansers at night (post-commute) then mild ones in the morning, just to make sure my skin doesn’t dry out too much. I haven’t found a cleanser yet that I would say is perfect for me, but the innisfree jeju volcanic foaming one is pretty great.

    • I do that, too 😀 Sayang, I just have the mask! I heard that whole range is great, though.

  3. I love Human Nature Nourishing Facial Wash! I use this at night after cleansing and before using their Night Cream. Then I use Human Nature’s Balancing Toner (the one for oily/combination) morning before moisturizer and makeup 😀

  4. I bought too much cleanser that will expire this year (apparently) when I went to Korea. So now I found myself rotating cleansers. I’m currently using Nature Republic Argan Cleanser and Missha Strawberry Latte. I also used to wash my face with Etude House AC Clinic Cleanser for when I have pimples but I ran out and it can be drying so, that’s that. I want to try the honey cleanser.

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