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5 Things Friday: YouTubers

For this week’s 5 Things Friday, I have a list of some of the people I think you guys might like to check out. Some are pretty popular, but nowhere near the levels of Estée, Ingrid, Anna, et al. I was going to include some bloggers I’d been enjoying recently, too, but I thought it was better to go with videos for now, just because it might be a bit of an overload. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Karima McKimmie
I found Karima McKimmie (or Shameless Fripperies) through a tutorial for the SUQQU Sumiredama quad, which I linked below, and have been hooked ever since. Her looks are beautiful and elegant—she calls them “conceptual”—and she favors luxury brands and her makeup taste is on the pricier, hard-to-find side. I love all her looks and her face is stunning! Subscribe

I’m not even sure how I found Katy, but I really enjoy watching her videos. Her type of makeup is a little bit more heavy-handed and adventurous than what I would normally wear, but they’re fun to watch as she’s pretty silly but also informative. Subscribe

OK, so here’s the kicker: I don’t understand any of her videos. That’s because Coline is French. I found her when I was looking for video reviews for Kjaer Weis, and I was pretty much hooked. (I studied a bit of French in college… so I understand very, very little.) Her style is cool & effortless and I WANT TO BE HER. Subscribe

OK, so. LOL. Taylor doesn’t technically make “beauty videos,” but her tutorials—”Friendzone Tutorial” or “Feminist Makeup Tutorial”—are hilarious. “Then, using the ashes of the bridge you’re burning, create an elongated cat eye shape that follows the natural contours of your eye.” They’re pretty useful, too, to be honest. Subscribe

Makeup TIA
Ashley’s videos are well-edited, thorough, and informative. Her style and demeanor is really, really mellow, but I like her taste for everyday, work-appropriate makeup, with a mix of high-end, drugstore, and natural/green products. Subscribe

What beauty channels have you been enjoying lately?

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  1. I want to see your recommended bloggers list! Of those 5 I know and like Karima (included her on my Youtube 5 as well haha) and am excited to check out EppColine.

    • EEEEE. I’m going to look for my blog list now. It’s much much harder for me because I’m like “eh” with a lot huhu. I hope you liked Coline!

  2. Wow, I haven’t heard of any of these girls! I will definitely check them out! My favourite Youtuber at the moment is Kassie from Cloudyapples and I also love Claire Marshall (Heyclaire) because she’s such a cool cat.

  3. I love Karima as well! In one of her recommendations she recommended easyNeon and I have been addicted to her videos ever since. Such beautiful eyes.

    I like the usuals, like Jenny from frmheadtotoe and also the Pixiwoo sisters, such good, timeless YouTube videos. But the dark horses that I love from the UK are TheMakeupChair and Hello October! 🙂

    • I love Easy Neon, too 🙂 I unsubbed from TheMakeupChair (I can’t remember why) and Hello October, though I still follow her blog.

  4. Yvane says

    Love the list especially because I don’t know any of them 🙂 Liked EppColine and Makeup TIA most 🙂

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