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REVIEW: Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer S-Essence*

The Korean skincare routine differs from our usual steps of cleanse-tone-moisturize, going up to as much as 10 steps per routine. It sounds crazy, but there is some logic behind all of it. Korean skincare systems are a bit intimidating to try for the first time because they’re so extensive, but I’ll save the meat of everything for a later post this week. For now, I’ll write a bit about the Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer S-Essence* which I got in my latest BNT box. This serum is “formulated with Biocell System Originated in Fermentation Science.” Because most of the information is in Hangul, it’s hard to decipher what this serum/essence is for. Going from my understanding of the many-stepped Korean skin care process, I’ve gathered that “essence” is usually a pre-moisturizer step, to prep the cleansed skin that’s stripped of moisture for the bigger molecules of heavier moisturizer. These usually come in a light, more liquid-y form that’s easily absorbed by the skin, and allow for easier absorption of the follow-up moisturizers.

REVIEW: isoi Bulgarian Rose Pore Tightening Tonic Essence*

The isoi Bulgarian Rose Pore Tightening Tonic Essence* “make[s] your pore skinny.” It’s a multi-functional toner and essence that reduces enlarged pores, controls sebum, and removes dead skin cells. It also restores radiance, hydrates, and helps increase skin elasticity. After cleansing the face, you wet a cotton pad with a generous amount of the tonic essence and rub all over the face. This is designed for oily skin (not me) so its full effect is a bit lost on me. However, I do like their direction as a company, promoting safe beauty. isoi uses natural ingredients, instead of the potentially harmful chemical ingredients found in most luxury cosmetics. Since it is a toner/essence, I find that it doesn’t “refresh” my skin quite as much as a usual toner would. There is a very, very slightly sticky feeling on the skin left after use, presumably to act as a moisturizer/essence. I think it might be best to follow this up with your normal moisturizer, as I found the feeling to be slightly unpleasant. The essence itself …

Drugstore Finds: essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow

This was one of the two items I got during my Makeup No Buy, the other being an elf Liquid Eyeliner. I had points to spend and I was picking up stuff for my sister’s birthday, so I thought, why not? I’ve been meaning to try something from this brand, and I can’t say ‘no’ to cream eyeshadow. The shade I got, Glammy Goes To…, is a cool pale gold, almost like a champagne. The texture is a bit stiff, similar to the Stila Smudgepot, but this is actually a bit more workable because the texture is better. It still has a tendency to make eyelids crepe-y if you pack on too much, but you can just use it as a light wash of color. I find that unlike MAC paint pots, though, I can’t wear these alone. Perhaps it’s the color, which is extremely light, but I suspect it’s the texture as well. It’s not very blendable when it sets, and it does set fairly quickly. Here, I’m wearing it all over the lid, …