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March Favorites: 2015

A quick post to highlight some of my favorites this month! As you might have probably noticed, I had a “beauty slump” in the past few weeks. I’m getting back into it now, but I was pretty into having a routine this month. I’ve got a few makeup bits here, but most of it is some type of skin and body care.

New Releases From Maybelline*

Earlier this week, I got a cute surprise from Maybelline: some of their new releases, which includes four lipsticks and three brow mascaras, all tucked into this hot pink lip purse! I’ve fallen behind the new Maybelline releases since I’ve steered my beauty consumption towards a more cruelty-free route quite a while ago. The four lipsticks are variations of pink, as they are part of the Maybelline Pink Alert Lipsticks, which is a new addition to their Color Sensational range. I think it’s an attempt to kind of “up the amp” in pink lipsticks, doing away with the prissy, frilly pinks with four kind of really in-your-face “rebellious” pinks, which they call “runway-ready pink shades.” There are four pinks: POW 1, POW 2, POW 3, and POW 4. POW 1 and POW 3 and blue-based, cool pinks. POW 2 and POW 4 are warmer pinks, with POW 4 being the most coral-y of them all. All are pretty bright. If you know me, I can’t handle bright lipsticks on my visage (lol), but you know …

GRWM: Brow Routine + LMdB Couches de Couleur

No one really asked for this, LOL, but I figured I’d show you anyway. Here’s a Get Ready With Me Video, in which I show you how I do my brows. I have fairly thick brows that don’t actually need much help, but they’re less substantial than I’d like them to be. I posted my brow products here, but for this post, I’ll be using my most-used item—The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in 02. I’ve also demonstrated Le Métier de Beauté’s Couches de Couleur method, which essentially requires you to layer on each tier of a Kaleidoscope Eye Kit (from top to bottom), in this case Northern Lights, on your eye. This creates optimal balance and contrast, due to each color’s “temperature,” and the idea is to bring attention to your actual eye and eye color, rather than the makeup. The Le Métier de Beauté signature application technique is comprised of four hues that are able to give maximum contrast to the wearer’s eye. Known as the “Couches de Couleur” (layering of color), …