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Drugstore Finds: e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner

After reading rave reviews on this, I decided to try it out. The e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner is a pretty straightforward product. It’s a liquid eyeliner, with a fine-tip brush and a pretty opaque formulation. Its brush allows it to draw thin, precise lines. I don’t really have a lot of trouble with this applicator even though it is super thin, which is weird because I am the worst at line control. It draws a pretty solid line, but it creases on my eyelid. The flexibility of the tip also allows you to draw different thicknesses of lines. If you are good at that. I usually just layer the lines over top of each other. 🙂 Here’s a fairly thin one on my upper lash line: I was looking for a cheaper alternative for my K-Palette Liquid Eyeliner, since that is pretty pricey. Though this e.l.f. one performs decently, I still prefer my HG liquid eyeliner. e.l.f. is cruelty-free.

Drugstore Finds: e.l.f. Stipple Brush

e.l.f. is pretty much the Mecca of all baby makeup lovers on their merry little way to becoming hoarders beauty connoisseurs. It’s not a surprise either since their products are generally decent and the price point is something that everyone can agree with. I haven’t explored many e.l.f. products, aside from the eyeshadows when I was starting out, and of course, their brushes. Many people have graduated from e.l.f. color makeup to using higher-end alternatives, but a lot of pros and full-fledged beauty nuts still use their brushes. I’m particular about my brushes, to an extent, but I’m not above looking for cheaper alternatives to MAC or Hakuhodo. A while back, I purchased a relatively cheap set of brushes and while most of them were pretty good quality, I wasn’t really happy with the stippling brush it came with, so the search went on and on. I wasn’t really into the thought of splurging for a stippling brush because I would honestly just buy more for eyeshadow, so I looked into the e.l.f. one from …

Drugstore Finds: e.l.f. Eye Colors & Falsies

Because Sarie was trying to spend all of the store credit from her Crossings gift certificates, she gave the rest to me after buying a bowl-type of contraption. There were e.l.f. products there so I picked my poison and got a) a pair of falsies (my first!), b) two cream shadow duos, and c) another one of the quad things, like the one I mentioned in my Makeup Starter Kit post. Natural Lash Kit. In the kit are a pair of black lashes and a small plastic vial of glue. This is my first ever pair of falsies and I quite liked them a lot, though they make me look, in my opinion, quite strange and foreign to myself. I suspect that’s because I’m not used to “flirty” lashes, but they are quite cute. The lashes are interspersed in long and short lengths. And it’s fairly easy to apply, though I wonder if this is something I need to trim (I don’t know how to tell). The glue is decent and is easy to remove. …