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BNTGirls Review: isoi Bulgarian Rose Intensive Energizing Cream*

One of the exciting things that happened to me in Korea was actually seeing the brands being sold in stores like Olive Young or Watsons, or seeing physical single shops like the isoi shop in Ewha. Many of the brands I have tried for BNT Girls aren’t out in the actual Manila market, so it was kind of a fun experience, seeing them in the flesh. The i’m SO intelligent Bulgarian Rose Intensive Energizing Cream* would actually have been so perfect for that cold, windy afternoon we spent at Ewha. My fingers literally felt like they were going to fall off. This cream is an anti-aging product that aims to solve all aging issues. It contains 25 different natural ingredients, all to help lift saggy skin, whiten, and moisturize dry skin. The end goal for this product is to bring back the original vitality of the skin and to aid the skin’s regenerative ability. Since the cream is so thick, it’s meant to be used as the last step of the basic skin care process, …

Dermal Bee Venom Relaxing Cream*

The Dermal Bee Venom Relaxing Cream* is a hypoallergenic soothing cream with royal jelly and bee venom. It also has plant extracts like portulaca and aloe that are both soothing, and it has hyaluronic acid for moisture. The Bee Venom Relaxing Cream is part of their special cream series, that includes pearl, snail, and syn-ake (a peptide similar to snake venom). The bee venom variant is supposed to be an alternative to botox, as it is supposed to make facial muscles firmer, and decreases the fine lines. It is also meant to be anti-wrinkle and to improve acne-prone skin. I am quite a big fan of the Dermal Sheet Masks (reviewed here), so I was excited to try this product. This helps “promote the natural healing process, enhances skin ability to recover, dissolves dying cells, triggers skin regeneration and repair.”

Helen Park Jalousian Anti-Wrinkle Cream*

The Helen Park Jalousian Anti-Wrinkle Cream* is a (seemingly) widely popular anti-wrinkle cream in Korea. I say ‘seemingly’ because all of the rave reviews that I can understand/is in English are from websites that are shilling this product. The active ingredient is Adesonine, which is “effective for wrinkle care.” Their claims for wrinkle freedom are kind of extreme, and it’s a shame that I don’t have much to show you whether or not it works to that level. Here’s some of the information I found at a Qoo10 listing for this product: I won’t even pretend I can understand that enough to attest to its effectivity. I can, however, show you how it’s worked out for me! Now, the company claims that the cream a) gives you “baby skin,” b) makes makeup stick well to the skin (“as it contains 2 types of oil”), c) keep the skin moist for a long time, and d) CAUSE JEALOUSY. Because your skin is so resilient. I suspect this is where the term “Jalousian” comes from, correct me …