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Makeup Storage for Small Spaces: December 2013

OK, so I’ve been planning this post for a while, but it’s a) embarrassing, and b) hard to come up with a system that you’re happy with. I think this is good for me right now. I have very little space, and I like it like that because it’s extremely obvious when I go overboard. On my work/only desk, I have a corner, a cubby, and a drawer for makeup I want within my reach. By this, I mean, I have a separate drawer for back-ups (e.g. new mascara I don’t want to open because of current mascaras in rotation, etc.) and products I don’t reach for often. There were a lot more photos in the original iteration of this post, but I only kept the useful ones to show my main set-up. The desk looks neat because the other crap I have (books, bags, etc.) are on my bed, ha.