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FOTD: NARS Ramatuelle & Chanel Boy (Rouge Coco Shine)

My “gateway drug” into make-up was a single, harmless stick of Chanel’s Rouge Coco in Perlé (02). Now, I have four Chanel lipsticks, but only because I have been successful at resisting. If I had it my way, I’d buy the whole lot! But that’s another story for another time. Today, the spotlight is on my last Chanel acquisition, from the Rouge Coco Shine line, Boy.

I eyed it at the Duty Free counter on the way back from Hong Kong, but I left with what would be my first Rouge Coco Shine shade, Antigone (a pinkish red shade). At the time, I thought Boy swatched a little bit too pink for me, and I didn’t know if I could wear it out so much. I’ve been thinking about this shade for quite a while, and the next time I found myself at a Chanel counter, I grabbed Boy immediately and I’m quite glad I did.

As it turns out, Rouge Coco Shine applies somewhat sheer. I myself don’t really like a lot of coverage, and I appreciate moisture as much as the next person, so this is a close-to-perfect formulation for me. It’s not long wear lipstick but, truthfully, I don’t mind reapplications after meals anyway. It has noticeable pigmentation that sort of whispers instead of screams, and it’s a great, brightening color for everyday use.

It smells so, so good, too. My favorite lipstick smells are Chanel and NARS. So fresh and flowery. I quite love the name, too: imagine Boy for a fluttery, fresh pink.

FOTD: NARS eyeshadow in Ramatuelle (middle and right shades only), L’Oreal Glam Bronze Minerals Illuminating Pearls in 102 Brunette and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy

VERDICT: I love Boy, and I’m glad I listened to my inner makeup hoarder.

Would purchase this again? 50/50. I love this shade, but I think I would like to try a different shade from this line, though. If I had money to burn, I definitely would.

How much? Php 1850 each for 0.10 oz.

Where to buy in Manila? Chanel in Rustan’s.


  1. Elaine says

    Hi, Carina! I love your book reviews and when I stumbled upon this blog, I almost flipped. I’m dumb when it comes to cosmetics lol. Glad you write about make up. I absolutely trust your taste in everything (stalker alert).

  2. I love Chanel lipsticks too! I used to use my Lola’s (haha!) when I was younger but I recently purchased my first one at Singapore. Got the Chanel Rouge Allure in Enjouee (95). I started becoming really interested in make up a couple of months ago, with nothing much to do here in Isabela I’d watch make up tutorials and purchase make up online :p Looking decent and with a bit of color actually helps me when I go around for meetings hahaha

    • Ahh! It’s so pretty. ❤ I don't even know why I started getting into it, but it's fine. I love being happy about it!

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