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Guerlain by Emilio Pucci: Météorites in Perles d’Azur

Hi, everyone (by this, I mean the sole reader of this blog)!

So, during my late-night, obsessive online trawling, I kept hearing about this legendary product and decided to get one for myself to try it out. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with “finishing” my face, just because my skin somehow accentuates cakey-ness. And well, no one wants that. I hate face powders and contacts. The loose powders I’ve tried are either too powdery or too shimmery.

Enter Guerlain’s Météorites! Often regarded as a miracle product, the météorites are designed to correct things like redness, and to illuminate the face and make it radiant. Sounds like mumbo jumbo to me, but I do not listen to my inner voice all that much, so I resolved to get one from this holiday’s Liu Collection. However, upon hearing that it’s more shimmery than the usual météorites (eek!) and not all that warm, I decided to go for one of the permanent shades, Teint Dore.

The Guerlain counter I went to didn’t have it, and so, dejected, I was prepared to just wait another week. Alas, the wonderful Pucci print caught my eye! And I’m a sucker for pretty things—everyone knows that.

I ended up leaving the counter with the Météorites from the Emilio Pucci collaboration (released for Summer 2012), Perles d’Azur. The SA at the counter assured me that it was pretty much the same as Teint Dore (shade 03) but with the added blue. I’m pretty sure she was pulling my leg, but my heart had been gripped and caged by Pucci. And, I quite liked the product, so all’s well.

Anyway, as you can see, it’s quite beautiful, even just considering the packaging alone. The Pucci print, “Winter Capri,” extends from the lid to the interior of the box.

The lid features both the beautiful Pucci print, as well as an engraving of Guerlain’s logotype. The tin itself is in a gorgeous metallic navy.

Popping off the lid, there is something like a sponge applicator that keeps the pearls in place. Normally, people do not really use the applicator, opting for an all-around face or kabuki brush. The interior of the tin is white plastic. The product reaches only up to half the whole tin, but considering how little product you need, it’s well worth the money. If you like it, that is.

Here is a close-up of the pearls. There are six colors, two matte and six frosted, each designed to enhance your face. Like I said, I can’t really stand using a lot of product so I personally intend to just use this as a finishing powder (for when I do use moisturizers or a BB cream) or by itself.

Don’t expect a noticeable change in the tone of your skin, or some profoundly magical alteration. The météorites offer only a light sheen (not exactly a shimmer) and translucent coverage for that gorgeous glow, which honestly makes a swatch useless.

I did swatch five of the six colors (I forgot to do the frosted goldy brown), and here’s what they look like. Obviously, they are very light and subtle, which I like. I got this product just yesterday, so I can’t say for sure if people have seen any sort of difference, but I quite like it. I’ll probably do an update in the future, and offer a final verdict then.

By the way, these smell freaking awesome, like violets. I am in love.

I got suckered into buying this brush, though. At 50% off, who would have said ‘no’? Okay, a lot of people would have said ‘no,’ but they are not afflicted with the “yes man” disease, as I apparently am.

The brush itself is about four inches long, with navy blue bristles and a gorgeous metallic chocolate brown handle, stamped with the collection name and some fish-scale-y print near the bristles. It comes in a beautiful pouch featuring “Winter Capri.” The bristles aren’t soft, which honestly doesn’t really bother me all that much. Anyway, like I said, I got this brush at 50%. I didn’t have a kabuki brush yet, so I was happy to get it for my météorites, and I suppose, for other uses as well, like tickling someone’s nose.

VERDICT: I like it, but I will post an update in two weeks to evaluate if it’s worth the money.

Would purchase this again? Yes to météorites, but probably not in this shade. I would love to try Teint Dore.

How much? Php 2,998 for the météorites, Php 975 for the brush at 50% off.

Where to buy in Manila? Guerlain counter in Rustan’s.


  1. I have this in Teint Rose, and until now I’m not sure what it’s for. I like the scent, though, and sometimes (sometimes!) I apply this then I leave the house and catch my reflection somewhere and I find my face glowing. How’s that for unexplainable?

    • SERIOUSLY. It does, right? I don’t just imagine it? Because I see “the glow” also, haha. I think it’s really an all-in-one redness-corrector, highlighter, setting powder, what-have-you for people who have relatively clear skin already. Idk, but I do love the smell of violets, too.

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  4. annasamarita says

    The bristles are gorgeous! How do the pearls work, though? Do you rub it on your skin or tease them with the brush? They look good enough to eat lol.

    • Hi there! They’re super cute, but kind of rough! Haha.

      You just kinda swirl a big face brush like this one, or something like a kabuki brush, over all the pearls and swipe it all over your face! It goes on quite sheer, but gives a weird, inexplicable glow!

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