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Playlist: MAC Paint Pot (Rubenesque) & bareMinerals Satin Plum

I lifted my makeup ban and got a MAC paint pot yesterday, which I had been meaning to for a while. Paint Pots are essentially cream eyeshadows that you can wear alone or as a base for your eyeshadows. I don’t know if they have other functions, but I think that alone is pretty cool in itself. I got it in Rubenesque, which is a beautiful peach bronze that has hints of rose at some turns. Anyway, I’ll review this some other time, but all you really need to know is that I really freaking love it so much.

In the middle of uploading work stuff, I decided to play with my new paint pot and one of the shades that came with bareMinerals’ A Vision in Velvet, which let’s face it, really swatched pretty horribly.

Not one to give up on underperforming things—and also things that cost me $80—I was eager to try and make a few looks with some of the shades. This is the first look I’ve tried in literally three minutes, using nothing but those two products and a MAC 217 brush.

I’m sorry, and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but you’ve got to admit that that’s a really pretty eye look. And from two products?

I applied Rubenesque all over my lid, then Satin Plum on my outer corner and along my crease. I blended Satin Plum out with the 217, and the rest is history!

My “arsenal.”

bareMinerals Velvet Satin Eyecolor in Satin Plum. It’s one of the more pigmented colors in the satin range (check swatches here), but I didn’t know it could do a good job at creasing and shading.

I know it’s not a groundbreaking look or anything like that, but I get so many fuzzy feelings when a product I buy—in this case the MAC Paint Pot—turns out to be a great buy. A worthy item to break my “no make-up” streak for. I’m back on my makeup diet, and I really don’t feel as badly, just because this seems to be the lock to a lot of my eyeshadow problems.



    • The Bad Decision Maker in me is telling me that I must have more. Haha! What are your favorite colors? I was thinking of what to get next, in the far far future haha. Ipon muna~

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  2. Nakupo Carina! Guilty pleasure ko rin ang makeup, ang hirap lang mag-addict kung hindi ka naman generally kikay :)) Rubenesque is my first MAC product ever, bought it back in Singapore 2010. Sobrang ganda, I still have mine and albeit a few cracks, it still works fine 😀

    • Super, eksakto! Sobrang love ko siya. ❤ Try mo i-depot kung super deep na crack. Nag-dry yung sa isang girl sa Internet 😦

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