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Browhaus: House of Construction

I haven’t had my eyebrows done—general threading—since fourth year high school for senior prom, so I thought it was time for another session. I mean, it’s been around seven years. (Also, the eyeshadow close-ups I’ve been posting make me look like a super fancy scruffy puppy.)

I went to Browhaus in Greenbelt 5! It was kind of hard to find, but I think we are just geographically-challenged. The store is located at the 4th floor, near other salons and cosmetic places.

It was pretty small and fuss-free. There was a receiving area, a small nook for sitting down, and a wall with a row of rooms where the treatments are done. They looked like doors inside a chartreuse submarine!

I kind of really love the name, because it’s a play on Bauhaus, the German school responsible for the clean, minimal aesthetic that’s still somehow visually striking and arresting. Bauhaus, in German, literally means “House of Construction,” so I think Browhaus was a clever little name. How freaking cooler would it have been if the interiors looked like this:

Bauhaus Dessau - Meisterhäuser

Bauhaus Dessau - interior

(Photos of Bauhaus Dessau by Wolfram Schubert)

This little guy was sitting on the single white bench near the counter where you can set appointments. Usually, clients would call in and schedule an appointment, but I didn’t know that so we were just walk-ins. The earliest free slot was about an hour and a half from that time, so we did a bit of work nearby and waited.

(I’m saying this now: this photo was taken by force.)

When we got there, the person I spoke to wasn’t there and the person who looked like the manager said my name was listed down. After a bit of scrambling, though, I was led into a room for a Brow Construction (Threading) session with a technician. You’re not allowed to take pictures inside the room, but it had a very comfortable reclining armchair.

The whole session took about 15 minutes. The technician explained that she was just going to clean my eyebrows up because I’d been keeping them pretty neat anyway (I would pluck stray hairs by myself) and that there was no need for drastic shaping. The procedure is pretty painless, but I have a high threshold for hair plucking.

Ta-da! the finished product. I’m pretty happy with the results. I tried shaping my left brow (LOL) since it seemed fatter than the right one, but I ended up making a weird arch. I honestly believe that brows make such a difference in terms of a person’s overall appearance. I’m so glad I had mine done!

The technician applied a cream over the brows to soothe the pain and close up the pores (to protect from dirt and oil clogs!) and advised me not to wet them for at least five hours. There was minimal swelling on the top parts of the brows. I think it’s because that area’s a bit more tender, since I don’t normally touch that part.

I look like I have a perma-arch from this angle, though, which doesn’t help my already-mad default face! The entire procedure, Brow Construction (Threading) cost about Php 580, which for comparison’s sake is under $15.

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