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A Tiny Lament: bareMinerals’ Ready 8.0 in The Playlist

Ever since I swatched a couple of bareMinerals’ Ready 2.0 shadows, I have been increasingly obsessed at looking at swatches and thinking of what to buy next (lol, I know), but holding off until December 15, which is when my makeup ban will be lifted. I think I’ve been pretty good at keeping it, faltering only once for a MAC Paint Pot, and lipstick and gloss from NARS. (My new Revlon sale stash doesn’t count because it was from my mom!)

ANYWAY. My obsessive self checked the bareMinerals website again today and the 8-pan palette I was eyeing—bareMinerals Ready 8.0 in The Playlist—was nowhere to be found! Panic-stricken, I found it on Amazon, but with an added $5 for shipping to the US and only 6 stocks left.

Why do I want it so much?

Introducing an extraordinary limited-edition palette, featuring 8 pure, intense, provocative shades in a glitzy gold case. An innovative new solid mineral technology that delivers spectacular stay-true color with seamless blendability and anti-aging benefits.

I had the bright idea of checking the “Last Chance” section at the BM website, and lo! There it was. With over $10 slashed off the price. Yay, right? Wrong.

The thing is, bareMinerals won’t accept my Philippine credit card information, no matter how much money I want to give them. I want to say, “Take it! Take it all!” Alas, it was not meant to be. A part of me knows that I don’t need this palette, but it’s a very tiny part, overshadowed by the part that likes to want things and another part that likes to whine a lot.

Photo from Temptalia.

“It’s just so pretty and I wants it,” said Gollum!Carina.


    • I’m waiting on a nude palette by theBalm! I’m soooo in love with the texture of these palettes kasi ❤ But I'll give those a look. Sephora hates my credit card also, I think 😦

      • HMM, mapapatingin ako ng reviews ng BareMinerals. Grabe naman itong blog mo. What an enabler! Hahaha.

        How were you planning to order from Sephora? I’m sad they don’t ship to the PH. 😦 Do you have a US shipping address? I’m thinking of asking local resellers to order the makeup for me instead. 🙂 Try http://digitaltraincase.multiply.com

      • Check the READY series, which is their pressed eyeshadows 🙂 They’re really, rally pretty. You’re welcome to swatch my duo and my quad if you’re thinking about it!

        I can’t order from Sephora, they don’t take PH credit cards. Last I checked anyway, so I’m usually limited to mga Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. I use Johnny Air but my cousin’s been telling me about some other courier. I’ll give Digital Traincase a shot, too. 🙂 Thanks Jin!

  1. Gracie says

    Currently salivating over the Urban Decay Vice palette, and I’m about 90% convinced to buy it– I just have to click the buy button :p I also want the mon shu palette in the Greeny shades. @.@

    Random Question: do you use an eyeshadow primer?

    P.S. I’ve tried the too faced natural eyeshadow palette and it is pretty, but I found some of the shades to be too flashy/shiny for neutrals? (says the girl who wants the vice palette :)))

    • Agh, I wanted the Smoky Velvet Palette initially but this seemed to have more wearable shades for me so dis da one I got. Haha go for the UD palette!

      As for eye primer, I use a) Étude House Proof 10, or b) Benefit’s Lemon Aid, or c) a MAC paint pot! I love them. My lids are temperamental and hate shadows (???) so I pretty much rely on them.

      I need more shadows :(((

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