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Drugstore Finds: Fanny Serrano Eyeshadow + a Bonus Blush

Before I became really interested in makeup, my exposure to it was limited to trips to department stores and The Body Shop. The only brands I knew were drugstore brands, with the exception of some higher end brands like Chanel which ran a bunch of Rouge Coco ads I saw a lot on a trip to Hong Kong.

Now, I prefer to buy a little bit more on the expensive side (because of overall quality), but every now and then I find that I can’t say ‘no’ to cheaper brands. My mom’s been a fan of Fanny Serrano’s makeup, especially the eyelash curler which is reportedly a pretty good Shu Uemura dupe. When I was on an eyeshadow kick, during which I bought two quads and a twenty-shade mineral set in one go, I couldn’t help but pick up a few of these. At Php 195 a pop (aka four grams), these are quite a steal.

Fanny Serrano Eyeshadow Swatches, L-R: Beach Sand, Honey Glitter, Potter Clay, Mulberry Wine

Beach Sand is the first shade I picked up. It’s a very light, off-white color that I was interested in using as a base. It’s not chalky, but sometimes I don’t think it applies on so well, because I tend to overapply before noticing that I’m doing it. And then I just end up with a white eyelid that is too covered in product to provide a nice “backdrop” for other shadows. I’m not sure how I feel about it, though I have used it a couple of times.

Next is Honey Glitter, a warm golden yellow with a bit of glitter. I wanted a light, bright color for an overall lid wash and this was perfect for that. It’s great for a natural look, enhanced by a darker color.

The third shade I picked up, I got because I didn’t have one like it yet. Potter Clay is a matte red-orange. Now that I think about it, it’s very hard to wear and pull off, but I’ll figure it out. The first time I tried it on as a liner was with a teal lid and it was quite pretty. It’s a great matte shadow that’s not very difficult to blend out. The color might not be the most versatile, but I reckon it’s a handy one to have, too.

The last one—my favorite one—is Mulberry Wine, a deep, rich, shimmery plum that’s perfect for a smoky eye for a night out. It’s a bit hard to guesstimate how much product I need on my eyes, or how much product I end up putting on my eyes, for some reason, but it’s nothing a good ol’ session of blending out can’t take care of. It’s the hardest shade to clean, but I feel like that’s understandable because it’s the darkest.

It’s a more-than-decent product, and really, a it’s an insane amount for Php 195. But part of why I didn’t like it, though, was that there tends to be some leftover product on your applicator. For these swatches, I used my fingers and couldn’t manage to wipe them off without practically scrubbing. I suppose that speaks highly of its lasting power, but I feel like a lot of product gets lost from pan to eyes.

In this Photobooth picture, I applied all of the colors on each eye using my MAC brushes (screen right) and my fingers (screen left). It tends to muddy up with the brushes, and I seem to get more distinct pigmentation when I apply with my fingers. I might need to work on my brushwork, but I thought I should test and mention.

The casing is also interesting because you can pop off the single eyeshadow pans and arrange them to your liking in your own pans. Fanny Serrano sells empty pans for a little over Php 200. They are pretty sleek-looking, but I didn’t end up picking up any because I felt like the extra individual casings I’d be left with would be extra waste. Handy for customizable palettes, though, if you have more than a bunch of these.

When I bought these shadows, it came with a frosty pale pink blush! The label was ripped off and plastered with a big yellow “FREE” sign, so I don’t know if it’s a discontinued line or shade. I don’t know how well it will fare when used alone, but I imagine it will provide a nice glow-y sheen when applied over a more pigmented blush or stain.

VERDICT: Great, affordable eyeshadows with decent formula. Great for when you want to try new colors or for that quick makeup fix.
Would purchase this again? If I found a shade I wanted to try.
How much? Php 195 for 4g
Where to buy this in Manila? Fanny Serrano counters all over the Philippines

Next up for Drugstore finds: today’s haul, courtesy of my mother’s generosity and a Revlon sale: two lip butters and a pretty mineral blush!


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