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Makeup Raves from the Unlikeliest Or, Why This Blog Exists

I have had apprehensions about this descent into makeup madness, especially about actually writing about cosmetics and other girly things. It’s partly because it was a foreign sort of obsession, in that it was far removed from things I usually liked. Also, I didn’t really know all that much about it yet, so I didn’t know if I “deserved” to talk about it like I was an expert.

Mainly though, I shied away from the idea because there’s a certain stigma associated with “frivolous” endeavors like this. I suppose things that focus on physicality and vanity, instead of “nobler pursuits” like literature, culture, art or whatever else people think falls in that category.

I finally put this blog up less than a month ago because makeup made me happy. That’s the simplest reason there is.

It made me happy to talk about it and to share the great and not-so-great things I’ve tried. I liked writing about makeup and discovering new things about it. Since it’s not a conversation staple with people I hang out with in real life, I resorted to the Internet and sought to find people I could have some sort of dialogue about it.

I’m not going to defend makeup or try to convince you that it’s a necessity in life, or that it is something that should be revered or anything like that. Plainly, makeup is just really, really fun for me, and for whatever reason, I have found that it makes me quite happy to play with different colors and tools, and to try new techniques.

When I first talked about it on my Tumblr, I asked the people who would come across the post to be nice because I was a bit shy about it. After which, I got a bunch of messages from girls who said that they loved makeup, too, but were too shy to profess their love for it as well.

That made me feel so bad, that “girlish” pursuits would be looked down on and is something that people feel the need to hide. I can admit that some people don’t and won’t really get it—I’ve heard it just looks the same! way too many time to think otherwise—but I don’t know why certain people feel the need to assert their superiority over people who like to fawn over lipstick and mascara. I don’t think it negates any other part of myself if I suddenly decided that I liked adding a little bit of color to my face.

It drives me nuts when some people make girls feel like they need to talk about their love for makeup as though it was a dirty secret they should cover up and hide. And I’m sad that some people look down on those who like to dress up in something other than jeans and a t-shirt, thinking that that aspect is all there is to them.

People are complex creatures and have constantly broken stereotypes and crushed the boxes people put them in. I love makeup, but I love books and literature, poetry, music, bad television, food, films, photography, art, and so many other things, too. Even with that, people shouldn’t be defined by what they like, anyway. It’s when people put other people in boxes and refuse to see them any differently that trouble happens.

This blog exists because I like makeup. It might be a little “un-Carina,” or how most people know me. But I named it “Softly Sometimes” for this very reason. All these nuances in character, personality, and interests, are what make people all that more different from each other, and this should be celebrated not maligned.


  1. Reggie says

    Carina, I absolutely love your makeup blog! I love how well-written and thorough it is, how great the pictures are, and how passionate you are about it. I mean, you can be passionate about makeup AND other things, right? I don’t get why some people don’t get that. I like to think of makeup as art for your face. (It’s the only art I’m capable of, unfortunately, unlike you who are so crazy talented!) For as long as you’re writing these entries, I’m definitely reading them. ❤

    • Ngah, I loff you ❤ I was a bit "what!" (not in a bad way) when you started posting about lipstick, lol, but now I totally get it.

  2. Hey you. It takes guts to write about something a bit off the comfort zone, and I’m so proud of you for going for it. When I see you having fun playing with makeup, it makes me happy. Aside from the importance of skincare and hygiene, there’s also the simple fun in playing around with makeup, which is just as much worth writing about. 🙂 People who put others in boxes should fuck off, and find their own ways of being happy. Looking forward to reading your next makeup escapades. ;D

  3. I appreciated this post immensely. My blogging times are like therapy for me, but I blog a little guiltily. Or maybe I don’t truly feel guilty inside but I wonder what other people, who know me as someone who loves literature and poetry and music, think. Why don’t I blog about those things? Because that’s the realm I live in all the time. I want a break. I want something that takes my mind of elections and troubles and deep things and just lets me be. And as a woman, I feel that one of the things I was meant to “be” was beautiful. Philosophy in a nutshell.

  4. Hey, lovely!

    Not that you need makeup (your skin’s always been flawless, unlike mine; which is why I started to appreciate makeup — hello, concealer!), but I totally get what you mean. I’m also shy to talk about how “into it” I am these days when makeup isn’t something that’s usually associated with me (compared to dogs, biking, running, books, yada-yada). But you’re right. We shouldn’t be afraid to box ourselves under this kind of aspect or that kind of aspect. And people shouldn’t judge us based on one aspect of our passions either. 🙂

    Kudos to you for writing about this and opening yourself (and your makeup stash) up to all of us. I’m sharing in your joy now!

  5. I had no idea this blog existed! I think it’s cool 🙂 I’m quite like you in that respect (is there any respect in which I am not?? Hah) I feel silly liking and buying makeup, but really, as someone who’s always liked art, I’ve always just found in FUN to experiment with it. It’s like socially acceptable adult face paint!

    • Guuuuurl, I’ve been plugging this like crazy! LOL. Aww, thank you. 🙂 I love it… and when I just gave in and embraced it, I was like “hee!” ❤ So weird, but I'm so happy to be in this nutty place of makeup love.

  6. Anina Abola says

    yay for make-up that makes you happy. i completely understand your initial reticence, but i took the same plunge and it’s driven me to a whole new career entirely. i’m a huge fan of your design aesthetic too (i follow nothing spaces too.)

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  8. *Cheers* I totally know how it feels. In the past I would never had guessed that I would be into makeup but, I am and its amazing. I think what I really found difficult at first to get over was the the negative perception of what a painted face meant i.e. people thinking that – I wanted to attract something towards me or cover up something I despised. Totally not true – my love for makeup actually made me embrace what others had mocked – as if to say my being is worthy of my own recognition and self expression.

    I know makeup is not a profound topic and most of the people I know, glaze over when I talk about it (my sister calls me a saddo) but I love the different textures, applications, endless possibilities for different looks, faces, moods … it is like a silent but also vocal art where I can make a concious imprint about something on my own terms. Anyway … great post and great beginnings – its nice that the message is being spread – that a girl can like makeup and still have other interests in her head besides the superficial 🙂

    • Same here! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. 🙂 ALSO, I have a problem with the notion itself that make up is shallow… What exactly makes it shallow! If you like to decorate your face, why is that anyone’s problem? HEH.

  9. Hi, precious! Funny thing is, I use to feel exactly the same way concerning (considered) “frivolous” themes and you know what I think now: there is no such thing as writing about “noble themes” (such as literature and the other arts), there’s only writing with and without passion, for it is that passion about everything we do that characterizes our real essence and the true “nobleness” of things. Many kisses ❤

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  11. nrlinsyirah says

    Hey Carina! Funny how I have to agree with everything you said. I’m not one that seems to be all girly and like make up, actual fact, I do. My mum was a make up artist and I pretty much loved makeup eversince I started watching her put it on. Beauty bloggers and youtubers inspired me all the time but I still thought I’m not ” Qualified ” to be one of those because you know, I never really studied make up. However today, I found someone who loves it just because it’s fun! You don’t have to be all professional, but sharing something you like just like your other interests! Maybe I could give it a try, but see how it goes, haha. I love both your blogs anyways! ❤

    • Thank you so much for all the kind words. 🙂 Here’s to loving the stuff we love, just because! 🙂

  12. just found your blog! when I first started my blog, I also felt guilty for professing my love of ‘frivolous’ things like fashion and beauty. i know now that the search for beauty and the desire to create beautiful things is a divine purpose 🙂 xo plus it’s super fun! and i bond about it with my mom and sisters and friends!

  13. New follower here. I recently got into makeup, too. And I find it quite fun because it reminds me of water color painting which I loved. I think of makeup as an art where the face is the canvas. I hate how most people say that some girls who wear makeup are ugly without them and it’s a superficial kind of thing. For me, my enthusiasm for makeup has taught me how to appreciate beauty and for noticing little details about a person like how someone who isn’t considered beautiful by society’s standard has actually a beautiful set of eyes or has good bone structure, etc. it definitely changed my views on how I perceive someone beautiful and I believe that everyone can be beautiful.
    Aside from that, me getting to makeup was sort of like a ‘rebranding’ of myself as I wanted to be more presentable, especially at my phase where I am in my final year of college and will soon enter the real world.
    Love your blog a lot and best regards,


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