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Drugstore Finds: Revlon Haul

Revlon Haul

I never thought I would be the kind of person who couldn’t resist sales. Alas! If it’s close to half-off, I’m in. Here’s a handful of Revlon lip things I got today—2 ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipsticks as per Krysty‘s suggestion, a ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolor, and one ColorBurst Lipgloss.

I will review these over the course of the next days, but here are PhotoBooth pictures I took. For no reason at all, other than I love them so freakin’ much.

Revlon Haul - Photobooth

I tried to go for shades I wouldn’t normally be bold enough to wear. It’s the perfect time, since the items were on a huge sale. Might as well, right? Lately, people have been telling me that they like me with a darker lip or that I should try wearing different shades, since I tend to gravitate towards one color family and just buy variations (case in point: NARS Pago Pago & MAC Viva Glam V & Chanel Perlé, which are all quite similar) from the families.

Here’s to being more adventurous! I quite like it. 🙂 (My go-to dark lipstick has been NARS Sheer Lipstick in Vendanges, which I love and everyone else loves on me. Sometimes, I think it’s good to switch things up, though.)

In other news, I have stopped wearing foundation/tinted moisturizer/etc. recently because that’s where I suspect my breakouts are coming from. What to do, what to do!


  1. Sale sila ngayon 😀 Tried out the classic Cherries in the Snow color, didn’t buy it, now I want to so badly :)) Revlon is the reason why I seem to be not buying from MAC anymore 🙂

    • Ya! That’s why I got 4 😀 I actually can’t believe I only have two MAC lipsticks hehe. Have you tried NARS? Their sheer range is amaaaaaazing. Mahal ng Revlon dito e, so when they’re not on sale, I’d rather just buy lip stuff that are a bit more high-end.

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