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Drugstore Finds: Maybelline’s The Falsies Volum’Express Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline Falsies - Tube

I’d been jonesing for good black mascara for quite some time now. Mariko suggested the Guerlain mascara, but since I am trying to cut back on beauty purchases, I thought it would be prudent to look for a good enough drugstore brand (for now).

I first heard about Maybelline’s Volum’Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara (phew!) from a video by Ingrid Nilsen, or Miss Glamorazzi. She mentions “The Falsies Flared” mascara in her I ♥ Drugstore Makeup video, but I do believe we only have this variation so I went ahead and got it.

Maybelline Falsies - Wand

The wand is pretty dense and is curved (like a spoon!), I suppose to mimic the eye shape. As you can probably tell, this mascara is after volume. Let’s see how well it fares in that department?

Maybelline Falsies - No Mascara

No mascara.

Maybelline Falsies - 1 Layer

After 1 layer of The Falsies on curled lashes.

Maybelline Falsies - 2 Layers

After 2 layers of The Falsies on curled lashes.

Maybelline Falsies - 3 Layers

After 3 layers of The Falsies on curled lashes.

I wouldn’t consider these results to be akin to applying false lashes… though they do add a bit of drama and flair to your eyelashes. I haven’t tested wear or clumpiness, but on the whole, I am quite happy with this mascara.

Just as long as I don’t kid myself that it will give me a “false eyelash” look.

VERDICT: Good enough mascara; not a huge fan but it works well enough.
Will you repurchase? If I haven’t found it in me to test out more expensive alternatives, then yes.
How much? $5-$7 or Php 449 for 1.6 oz. Bought for Php 314, on sale.
Where to buy in Manila? Watson’s or SM department stores.


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  2. Crocs Are Awful says

    I have this mascara. It works quite well on my lashes. But I HATE trying to remove it. It is so stubborn! Did you find this as well?

      • Crocs Are Awful says

        I will try this! I did the eye make up remover but there was STILL some left… Hehehe

      • Yeah, when I read your comment, I was still wearing the mascara! When my remover didn’t work, a pit in my stomach OPENED UP, but then it was all fixed with my trusty shu uemura cleansing oil and all was well. Good luck! 🙂

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  4. Hi Carina! I’ve used 3 tubes of this particular mascara because I fell in love with it at first use. Even before it landed on Manila shores, I would get relatives to bring this in for me (pretty please!) whenever they would come home. The trick is to layer it on thick to achieve that falsies look because the formula is highly buildable. I don’t wait for it to dry, but wiggle the wand like crazy as I coat the lashes from base to end then repeat the process immediately. That may sound like a recipe for clumping, but it doesn’t do that as long as the formula doesn’t get too dry and the bristles are kept clean. Anyway, by the time it gets dried up, it’s usually the expiry date anyway, so no biggie.

    I’ve also used Volume Express Turbo Boost doing the same procedure of building up the coats, but Falsies truly produces a more dramatic result with minimal effort. 🙂

    • Heya, thanks for the tips! I don’t purchase Maybelline anymore, but I think this is helpful so thank you for sharing. 😀

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