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Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in RD305 (Nymph)

Shiseido - Lacquer Rouge - RD 305 Nymph - Box

A quick review on one of the items I picked up last month from Shiseido. It’s going to be a quick one because this draft has been sitting on my WP dashboard for the longest time and it’s driving me nuts. I whipped up a quick “look,” took pictures and now here we are.

Now, one of my favorite drugstore finds has got to be the liquid lipsticks from Revlon. They go on smoothly, dry matte, and never stick to anything else. Sometimes they don’t even rub off when you’re actually, forcibly rubbing them off. I think last year was the year for liquid lipsticks, but I can’t say for sure as I’m a young’in in the makeup department.

Anyway, here’s a similar product by Shiseido, which is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Their boutiques are insanely drab, though, that I never venture inside. There’s a Shiseido counter inside the SM Megamall Department Store, though, so I took advantage of a sale and picked a few things up. Here’s a similar product to the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipsticks. It’s also quite a different product, so listen up!

Shiseido - Lacquer Rouge - RD 305 Nymph - Tube

Launched in July 2012, the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge is inspired by Japanese lacquerware, which is known for its beautiful polished shine. From a press release:

Created by Shiseido Artistic Director, Dick Page, Lacquer Rouge is a rich liquid lip color that leaves lips beautifully polished in just one coat. Inspired by Japanese lacquer artistry, a 9,000-year old technique that delivers exceptional lustrous shine and an almost wet-looking finish to a wide variety of pieces, called “lacquerware.”

According to Dick, “the collection is about a speedy glamour. The simplicity of a lip gloss married to the intensity of a lipstick, a deep pigment and rich color payoff, and long-lasting shine and gloss.”

With just one coat, Lacquer Rouge provides intense color and a lacquer-like finish by simultaneously adhering deep, rich pigments and a topcoat-like shine. With continued use, Lacquer Rouge also improves dry or rough lips leaving them deeply moisturized and smooth.

Even the packaging imitates the sleekness of the lacquerware, all curves and shine.

Shiseido - Lacquer Rouge - RD 305 Nymph - Tube2

And from the top or bottom, it’s the Shiseido logo outline, which typically houses the camellia.

Shiseido - Lacquer Rouge - RD 305 Nymph - Applicator

Like the Revlon Liquid Lipsticks and the Guerlain Rouge G L’Extraits, the Lacquer Rouge comes with a doe-tip applicator and a liquid cream lip product that you smooth onto your lips. The difference between this and a gloss is pigmentation. On the lips, it really feels like a lipstick.

Shiseido - Lacquer Rouge - RD 305 Nymph - Swatch

RD 305 (Nymph) is a “rich, fleshy rose,” which is honestly a color that I surprised myself by picking. I was looking for a fresh pop of color that wasn’t too subtle or too dramatic. I think this is perfect for Spring, to be honest. Even though we have no Spring where I live!

Shiseido - Lacquer Rouge - RD 305 Nymph - Lip

On the lips, the color is “true-to-swatch.” I find it to be a beautiful, face brightening color that can be paired with a bunch of different colors. There’s no strong scent that I can detect and it doesn’t taste like anything either. I like the amount of shine it dispenses on the lips. It’s not plastic-y, which was something I was afraid of happening.

It’s a bit tougher to apply than the Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait and the Revlon Liquid Lipstick, both of which go on super creamy, it’s bordering on becoming a problem. Still, it’s a bit of a no-brainer in terms of application. Wear is above average.

Shiseido - Lacquer Rouge - RD 305 Nymph - Face

On the face: Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Eye Kit (Northern Lights), shu uemura Glow On Blush (Karl Lagerfeld: Prestigious Bordeaux Eye & Cheek Palette), Shiseido Lacquer Rouge (RD 305/Nymph), Guerlain Météorites (Perles d’Azur), K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner (01)

VERDICT: Creamy formula, with a gloss-type of application but the pigmentation of lipstick. RD 305/Nymph is a pretty, brightening color easily matched with various color combinations.
Will I repurchase? Eyeing “Sunstone,” which is an Asian exclusive.
How much? Php 1,250 or $25 for 6ml or 0.2oz. Bought on sale for Php 875.
Where to buy? Shiseido counters. Bought mine at SM Megamall Department Store.


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