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MAC Archie’s Girls Review & Swatches: Boyfriend Stealer & Veronica’s Blush

MAC Archie's Girls

I have here two items from one of the latest MAC Collection, Archie’s Girls. Though I pretty much wanted to get everything, I controlled myself and reassessed my life choices made the executive decision to just get only a few items. Which is a pretty great feat for me, because let’s face it—if there’s any sort of Beauty Bandwagon, I’d probably jump on it.

Technically, I only have one item (a pearlmatte powder), since I got the Ronnie lipstick for my sister, who loves dark plummy shades. I do have my eye on a Betty lipstick (Betty Bright), but I can’t seem to get a hold of it. I’m not sure if these are officially out on MAC counters now, but it should be any day now, as the press launch coincidentally happened yesterday.

MAC - Boyfriend Stealer

OKAY, up first is the lipstick. We have Boyfriend Stealer, which is the darkest of the six shades that came out. It’s a cremesheen lipstick, which is basically a MAC range that is “ultra sheer and uber moist, it features flat pigments and a creamy high shine finish to lips.”

It looks super scary in the tube—a super dark purple for that instant goth or really evil woman look—and it gives me such joy, imagining Veronica wear the shit out of this shade. Here’s the beautifully nostalgic Veronica-emblazoned lipstick tube:

MAC - Boyfriend Stealer - Tube

And here’s my sister wearing the lipstick. This was taken about an hour after initial application.

MAC Boyfriend Stealer - Beng Lips

I asked her how the longevity was, and she said it comes right off after eating. So, I asked her more specifically if she thought it would last 4 hours on her without any sort of rubbing of lips or smacking of lips or coming into any contact with food, and she said ‘no.’

So, it’s not particularly long-lasting, but you can always reapply anyway.

Next up is one of the two Pearlmatte Powders—Veronica’s Blush! This pearlmatte powder is comprised of the Play It Proper beauty powder (silvery pink base) and Frankly Scarlet powder blush (light strawberry hearts).

MAC Veronica's Blush Hearts

“Love is in the details with all-new Pearlmatte Face Powder combining pearlized and satin shades to achieve an array of looks. Hearts are adorably stamped onto the base. Effortlessly blends with a rich and creamy texture. Use for highlighting and blush effects or as an Eye Shadow with a velvet-smooth finish. Limited-edition Archie’s Girls packaging.”

MAC suggests you use this as a) a highlight, b) a blush, or c) eyeshadow. I’m not too sure about a pink eyeshadow, but these would look so good all over everywhere else on your face.

MAC Veronica's Blush - Swatches

Swatches, top to bottom: Play It Proper, Frankly Scarlet, swirled together.

So, so, so pretty. Frankly Scarlet barely has any shimmer or sheen to it, but when you mix it with Play It Proper, there’s just a beautiful resulting luminescence. I think this is compact has such a deceptively sweet overall vibe. You can just see there’s a hint of evil in there.

MAC Pearlmatte - Veronica's Blush - Face

Here it is on my face! I used the swirly mixture on the high points of my cheeks, with Frankly Scarlet on the hollows of my cheeks (???), and Play It Proper down my nose and on my browbone. I think this whole multi-use (is it multi-use?) product is excellent at imparting that glowiness without being over-the-top with the shimmer. I have another picture, if you scroll all the way down, that shows the round apples of my cheeks (!) and you can definitely see the glow there.

The thing with this is that it’s kind of hard to isolate the deeper pink areas because they’re just concentrated on little hearts. I mean, I could get a tiny brush (which is what I did for this look) and kind of wave it around my cheeks, I guess, but that could result into a patchy application if you’re not careful.

I have the same “challenge” with the Prestigious Bordeaux Eye and Cheek Palette from the shu uemura x Karl Lagerfeld collection. The pan was just too small for the blush, but you can imagine how much more difficult it is for this.

Frankly (Scarlet), I feel like if you want the blush, you should just go get the blush. After all, the effect you’re after from this palette is easy enough to get from swirling around the base with the little hearts that are embedded into it.

Or you know, suck it up and use a small fluffy brush to get the color like I did. Other than that, I love this powder. Two thumbs up from me.

MAC Veronica's Blush

And look, the whole gang is on the compact!

MAC Veronica's Blush - Face Smile Anyway, this is my first pearlmatte powder, so I wasn’t super sure about it at first. But now, I am! Sure that I like it, I mean.

I don’t know what the big fuss is about Archie (Jughead is where it’s at), but I won’t say ‘no’ to lipstick and pretty makeup.

On my face: L’Oreal Lucent Magique Liquid Foundation (N5 Pure Honey), Snoe Beauty Poudre Phenomenon, NARS And God Created the Woman Palette (Kalahari, Galapagos & Coconut Grove), MAC Pearlmatte Powder (Veronica’s Blush), The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit (02), Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick (Fresco)

I purchased my Archie’s Girls items from Carefree Shopper, but I’m still on the lookout for another lipstick in Betty Bright.


  1. I like Jughead better too that’s where I got the expression: EGADS!

    Anyway, this might be a dumb comment but I can’t tell the difference from your face with the powder and your normal face. Maybe you should put a before and after? Or does that not work with these posts? I can’t tell talaga! Hahaha

    • Diba EGAD! is from Mr. Lodge?!

      Well, there’s a sheeny~ glowy part where the light hits your face. You usually put it on your cheekbones, the browbone (bony part under the eyebrows), bridge of the nose, etc. It’s not really a color thing, but more of a lighting, glowy thing. Does that make sense? 🙂

  2. I wanted the boyfriend stealer lipstick so badly. I’m a little jealous that you got it lol. Great picks! MAC collections are must-haves

  3. I always wished that Betty and Veronica would realize that no man was worth waiting 50+ years for and they’d hop in a convertible (with Mr. Lodge’s money) and speed out of Riverdale for adventures in Europe, Africa and beyond.

    I love the color of the lipstick, like what I thought Clinique Black Honey would be (though Black Honey’s lighter shade is gorgeous too). And it looks great on your sister! 🙂

    • I know! Or lol, I shipped Jughead and Betty, and sometimes Betty and Reggie, because I’m a weirdo. Your plan seems better, though. Kinda like Thelma and Louise but less depressing and sad.

      Yay, I’m glad! She loves it, too, so phew! I’m so curious about Black Honey. More of wanting to know what shade it would “turn” on my lips and against my skin tone. Haha.

  4. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on the Veronica Beauty Powder but couldn’t get myself to pay P2,500 for a MAC product. CRY. It looks super lovely on you!

    Your base looks amazeballs!!! I think I want to try that foundation out!
    Mollie and I met Sarie yesterday! 🙂

    • Teh, 1,700 ko lang siya nabili! 🙂 Thank you!

      P.S. I have a separate review of that foundation 😀

      P.P.S. I heard nga! Haha was it fun?

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