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Link Love Vol. 5

I haven’t done these in a while, but I just can’t let you not see these beauty posts that I have been loving recently. Hope you have a good weekend. Happy reading!


  1. bohocadence says

    Thank you, found some really nice blogs out there!
    And thanks for featuring too 🙂 I really appreciate that!

  2. Thanks for the mention! I’m going to look at the acrylic storage one now. 😛 I really want some Muji drawers!

    • LOL, they’re not technically drawers, but a good alternative, I think! I have a couple of MUJI drawers and I honestly don’t know if they are worth the money. On the one hand, they are handy and clear and pretty. On the other hand… So Expensive!

      • Yeah, that’s what I was hesitant about… But I like that they’re clear, and acrylic does cost more than regular plastic, right? I’ll be in London in a couple weeks, and I told my boyfriend we have to go to the Muji store. 😛

  3. Fwoar no, YOU are the best thing!! I LOVE finding new blogs through you, as they are always good reads. ❤

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