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Addiction by Ayako Lipstick in Gold Fish

I did not mean to buy lipstick from Addiction.

I was on the look out for their Cheek Sticks and Lip Crayons. On the last day of Japan, though, I somehow wandered to their counter while waiting for Barby and Isa, and picked up this shade and then I had to have it… and two other shades. (But more on those later.)

Addiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Gold Fish - Tube

Addiction’s lipsticks are housed in a shiny black plastic and angular tube. You can see the NARS influence even here. Though the iconic rubber packaging is absent, the thin minimalist type is an obvious influence.

Addiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Gold Fish - Bottom

For now, let me express my love for Gold Fish, a pinky-gold color. If you’ve been reading for a while, you’d know how much I get suckered in by names. Slap a clever, pretty name on a product and there is a 50% chance that I will buy it.

Luckily, Gold Fish lives up to its cute name.

Addiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Gold Fish - Bullet 1

Gold Fish has a sweet, salmon pink base and almost imperceptible gold flecks. At least, on the tube.

Addiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Gold Fish - Bullet 2

Swatched, though, is another story.

Addiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Gold Fish - Swatch - Pink

The pinky base blends into the skin and deposits a small amount of pigmentation. It’s a delicate color that sort of blooms onto your skin. In the right light, though, it turns golden. (See: the top part of the swatch where my hand curves up.)

When I first swatched this on my hand, a chorus line (in my head) broke out into song, because this is exactly what goldfish looked like when the light hits it a certain way.

Addiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Gold Fish - Swatch - Gold

In full view of the light, it looks rose-gold.

DSC_0064.jpgAddiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Gold Fish - Face On the lips, it is not as magical, but it is still beautiful. I wonder if I should use it with a lip base or a primer, but then—do I really want a lip color that changes with the light? Will you judge me if I say ‘yes’?

On the lips, Gold Fish is a rosy, salmon pink color, and leans golden where the light hits it directly. It’s still pretty, but I think the nuances of this shade may be lost on some people and may only be seen by those who can identify lipstick oddities. I personally like and enjoy it—it feels like a little secret. 🙂

The wear time is decent—about six hours on average. The formula is excellent and non-drying. The glitter won’t turn you into Jack Frosty. I am in love with it, which is quite sad, because it is a lipstick.

Addiction lipsticks retail for ¥ 2,800 (plus tax), which is close to $30. Its price is quite close to high end lipsticks like Chanel and costs a bit more than NARS.

The quality is excellent, so try to get your hands on some if you are in Japan or know someone who lives there and can help you out. 🙂


  1. It’s pretty! I would be the last person to assume that gold flecks on the lips would look good, but Gold Fish works 🙂

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