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Big in Japan: Drugstore Finds, Part II (Tools)

This is the second installment of my Japanese drugstore makeup exploration. It’s not the most exciting one, because it’s about tools! I’ve “divided” my other purchases into drafts and there are two more coming up so I hope you watch out for those. 🙂

On to the post!

MUJI Face Lotion Sheets

MUJI Facial Lotion Sheets

It took all of my strength (not really) to not buy these here and wait until I was in Japan, where Japanese products are way cheaper. These little capsule things are compressed absorbent sheets of paper that fold out into a scary face mask when you drown them in some sort of solution such as a moisturizer.

I don’t have a facial lotion, so I tried one of these out with my MUJI Toning Water, and holy cow! It made such a difference with how moisturized my face felt! Compared with how I usually use my Toning water—just a soaked cotton pad wiped all over my face—this method made my face feel softer and more moisturized. A++++ for me.

Majolica Majorca Eye Reset Gel

Majolica Majorca Eye Reset Gel

I don’t know what possessed me to get this, but it’s a pretty good “spot corrector” for when you make a mistake, putting on eye makeup. I actually drew on my eyeliner pretty thickly on vacation and was glad to have this on hand. A little dab and (soft) rubs on the offending mistake and I got to start over, fuss-free! It’s pretty gentle and doesn’t sting. This was around ¥730.

Biore - Nose Strips Bioré Pore Strips (Black)

They had a multitude of these anti-blackhead concoctions. There were strips, gels, creams, and even powders you mixed with your normal face cleaners to turn them into deep-cleansers. And within those categories, there were even more different variants and brands. It was kind of overwhelming to pick one, but I ended up with this!

I’ve used it only once, on vacation, and immediately after I peeled it off (which hurt like a mother, by the way), my skin felt smooth and my whiteheads and some blackheads were gone!

Because I used it before putting on makeup and leaving for the day, though, I think I stupidly clogged my pores so I have bumps on my upper cheeks, beside my nose. It’s an odd area to describe. Just a caveat, though I do think that the fault is completely mine.

Isa has a pack and she loves this to bits. My sister tried it out and was lukewarm about it.

Pretty Facial Razors

Pretty - Facial Razors

My brows grew weirdly unruly during the trip, so I decided to get a few razors to try out, instead of tweezin’ and I love these! I shaped my left eyebrow by accident (lol) but I love it. 😀 You get for razors for ¥480 or something close to that.

Here’s what it looks like up close:

Pretty - Facial Razors - Closeup

That’s it for now! I know it’s not as exciting~ as color makeup, but I’ve used these more than the rest of my makeup so I feel more comfortable writing about these first. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading.


  1. I love those cotton masks, for most of the reasons you gave too. There is an added bonus of the wonder of watching an expanding cotton sheet, which gives me and my daughter endless amusement.

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