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Addiction by Ayako Lipstick in Super Woman

Addiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Gold Fish - Tube

Next up from Addiction is another lipstick (as you can see, I reused the packaging picture I took of Gold Fish’s) called Super Woman. This is part of their “S” or sheer range.

Addiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Super Woman - Bottom

Addiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Super Woman - Bullet

Super Woman looks like a scary, intimidating red in the tube. I am shit at determining whether a red is blue-toned or yellow-toned. I used to think I could but there have been way too many times where I go “that’s obviously a blue-toned red” and then some (more learned) jerk says it’s actually yellow-toned. But there. It’s red. That much I know.

Addiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Super Woman - Swatch

This is a very heavy swatch of Super Woman. As can be expected from a sheer lipstick, this goes on quite lightly but can be built up to the color that you see on this swatch. When I swatched this at the Addiction counter, my eyes grew wide in delight and I knew I had to get it. I don’t find very many wearable reds, and they usually lean towards purple or plum, so this was sort of a baby step, for me, towards wearing a true red.

Addiction by Ayako - Lipstick - Super Woman - Face

On the lips, it’s quite pleasant and very wearable. By ‘wearable,’ I mean it’s almost like a no-brainer. I worry a lot about wearing dark or bold colors during the day, for reasons unknown to me, but this is just a color that you slap on and forget about. And look, no yellow teeth!

The spots on my face are courtesy of the Bioré Pore Strips, but it’s really my fault. Don’t blame the pore strips! (The story is here.)

The sheer formula is neither drying nor moisturizing. It almost feels like a gloss to the lips, when the shine is gone. I do prefer the sheer formula of NARS, which I have in Vendanges. It’s probably my most used lipstick to date, though I think it’s also partly because it was one of the three lipsticks I used for a whole month.

I’m pretty happy with this purchase, at ¥2,800 (¥2,940 with tax). As far as I know, these are all only available in Japan, but some retailers like Mihokoshop and Ichibankao sell Addiction as well as other Japanese brands online, though attached with quite a high markup.


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