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A Spectrum of Flush: Illamasqua Blusher Duo in Lover/Hussy

Illamasqua Duo Blusher - Lover and Hussy - Pans

A few weeks ago, I went on an ASOS Illamasqua binge because I couldn’t get my hands on the Speckled Nail Varnish, since they are hard to send over, cross country for some reason (I wanted Freckle or Scarce).

“I just want my nails to look like Easter eggs, dammit!” I thought.

In a fit of rage and a whirlwind of poor decisions, I ended up ordering a couple of things of Illamasqua, one of them being this powder duo blusher in Lover/Hussy. (You can see the rest of the haul here.)

Illamasqua Duo Blusher - Lover and Hussy - Case

I kind of already reviewed it there already, but I wanted to be a little bit more in-depth because this powder blusher duo honestly deserves a few more words of praise. To recap, I thought it was huge. As you can see, it is. This duo is what I wanted to bring on the trip to Japan, since I could have two blushers in one. Alas, the packaging was a huge (literally) deterrent.

Illamasqua Duo Blusher - Lover Hussy Finger Swatch

The Illamasqua Powder Blusher Duo I got came with Lover, a soft apricot, and Hussy, a candy pink. These are heavy finger swatches. You can see the extreme! pigment! that comes with these blushers, which is always good for me. In my head, more pigment is better because you can always blend it out or apply with a light hand and be OK, whereas lesser pigmented blushes tend to need to be layered on and would need more product to show up.

Illamasqua Duo Blusher - Lover Hussy Swatch

I applied the finger swatches on my hand and you can see that it transfers fairly well. I do still have stained fingers, however, which impresses me a little, to be honest. The texture of these blushers are slightly chalkier than I’d like, but they blend out easily and are buildable.

Illamasqua Duo Blusher - Lover Hussy Face

On my face, I have on Lover (maroon shirt) and Hussy (striped shirt) on my cheeks. I think both add a natural~ look to my face. Lover seems to add a warmth to my face, while Hussy brightens. Of course, these were taken at different hours of the day.

I like that they can be used together, because they complement each other! These blushers, I feel, are great picks for summer. I know it’s still cold in some countries, but it’s a freaking sauna here in Manila. I have prickly heat right now and my computer is groaning and complaining like an ungrateful child.

But anyway.

This is a photo of the bottom of the case, just because I took a picture of it. As you can probably tell, it is humongous. It does not fit the palm of my hand and will not go with me to a traveling trip, unless it’s a short trip or one that doesn’t require transferring hotels, etc.

Illamasqua Duo Blusher - Lover and Hussy - Bottom

The Illamasqua Powder Blusher Duo retail for £26. I don’t think they are currently available in Manila, but I bought mine off of ASOS.


  1. I totally do the layering of blushes and blush/bronzers too! And definitely, warm+cool tones, or different textures (mostly matte, with a punch of shimmer bigla.) It just makes it seem so much more interesting.

    • That’s so awesome. 🙂 I don’t have a lot of blushes/textures yet to play with so I haven’t really done a lot of that but it seems so liberating haha

  2. Those colors are scary looking in the container, but they look really good on. It’s always funny how intimidating really pigmented or vivid shades like that can be. It is a huge package for a blush. I guess that means there is a lot of product though, and at that price, you should be getting a lot!

    • Hi Sam, thanks for the comment 🙂 I agree, I used to back away from BRIGHT blushes but I find that they actually show up better on my skin tone. Funnily enough, I find the actual blushers to be too small. The packaging is just bulky. :/

  3. I am in love with Lover! Beautiful color! & I agree, it’s always better if the blush is extremely pigmented. Loosely packed blush (ie some ELF studio blushes), requires you to swirl your brush multiple times so you can see the color. Waste of money!

    • Lover comes as a single color, too, if you know what I mean! Aww, I’ve been meaning to try those elf blushes; thanks for letting me know that they aren’t that awesome. I feel the same way about beauty products!

  4. Hi! Nice colors on the blusher duo 🙂 I found the speckled egg polish, was slightly disappointed

    I just did a Illamasqua speckled egg nail polish review, please come visit and let me know what you think 🙂

    • Ah, thanks! Most people rave about it so I always assumed they worked the same for everyone. I’m not even counting on getting it any more, heh. Great blog. 🙂

  5. i thought this was a nice duo. if it was at sephora i would’ve bought it a while ago! it looks pretty on you! ohh the speckled polish, i saw reviews lately of the hard candy ones that have a similar look! I don’t know if that’s any easier for you to get, but maybe worth checking??

    • I really like it 🙂 I have my eye on another duo but I’ll wait until I run out of AT LEAST one blush, which is probably going to be a long time away, LOL.

      Thanks, but we don’t get Hard Candy here either! It’s alright, I’ve come to terms with not being able to get it. 🙂

      • Lol! Coming to terms is good haha. That happens to me too and it is a relief haha. Ooh I can’t wait to see you finish a blush! 🙂

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