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Going on a Midnight Drive for Fudge is Always A Good Idea: A Quick Look at Addiction Eyeshadows

Addiction - Eyeshadows - Fudge and Midnight Drive - Pans

All of the products I’ve tried from Addiction have been excellent, and these shadows are no exception. I got two very different shades.

Addiction - Eyeshadows - Midnight Drive - Pan

Midnight Drive was a surprise for me. I don’t know why I purchased it, or why I even swatched it. I do not really wear a lot of “bold” colors. Though this is technically a light color, it is still a bold one for me, in that it’s out of my comfort zone. Midnight Drive is a super-pale grey-toned seafoam green with a hint of a shimmer. It is not very “me,” but it felt “right” to get.

If that makes sense. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Addiction - Eyeshadows - Fudge - Pan

The next one I got was Fudge, which is a warm medium copper-y brown. Again, I saw this somewhere and wanted it. So I got it. The texture on this one is impeccable. It is silky-smooth and butter-y, and is extremely pigmented as well.

Addiction - Eyeshadows - Fudge and Midnight Drive - Swatches

Swatches, L-R: Addiction Fudge, Addiction Midnight Drive

The texture of Fudge reminded me so much of the shu uemura eyeshadow I loved so much, I thought to swatch them next to each other:

Addiction - Eyeshadows - Fudge and Midnight Drive - Swatches with shu uemura ME medium brown 885

Swatches, L-R: shu uemura ME medium brown 885, Addiction Fudge, Addiction Midnight Drive

They look nothing alike, thank God.

Addiction - Eyeshadows - Fudge and Midnight Drive - Eyes I know this is a funny picture, but I like this face. It is my doof face. 😀

On my lids, I have Midnight Drive and I blended Fudge on my crease and a bit of the outer corner.

I underestimated how much I would love Midnight Drive, but it gives me the absolute happies. 🙂 It gives my eye the perfect bright summer pop that I’m comfortable with, being someone who prefers relatively safe makeup choices.

Fudge is a great makeup staple, though I can’t be too sure that it’s not dupe-able. I’ll look at my warm shimmery browns beside this one because it looks like it could be comparable to UD’s Snakebite or Dark Horse. Watch out for that. 🙂

Additionally, these have an amazing texture and are a dream to work with. I’m a lazy person by nature, and if I can cut out steps in my routine, I would prefer that. I love that these are so easy to use and blend out and pat on, and so on. There is pretty much no fallout for both shades.

I love that I got shades that work well together, despite the differing undertones (warm brown & cool green). I also have a hard time wearing cool tones on my lid, so Midnight Drive was a completely pleasant surprise.

What I’m wearing: L’Oreal Lucent Magique Liquid Foundation (N5), The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit (02), Addiction eyeshadow (Midnight Drive and Fudge), Addiction Cheek Stick (Revenge), Media Creamy Lasting Lipstick (PK-20)

I’m usually partial to palettes, but this is an eyeshadow line that I wouldn’t mind building a collection of singles of. (WAT IS GRAMMUR.) I’ve asked my sister’s friend to pick up three more singles, and I think I want one more that I forgot to mention/ask for. BUT, we shall see. Sometimes my hoarder tendencies surface and I have to fight to keep them down, but if it’s for products with such a high quality, I sometimes find myself making exceptions.

Addiction - Eyeshadows - Fudge and Midnight Drive

Addiction by Ayako eyeshadows retail for ¥2100 or about $21. The pans are quite large and hold a bit of product.

I currently do not know if Addiction tests on animals, and have reached out to their official Twitter page to ask, though I have not gotten an answer. I’ve Googled around a bit and it seems like Addiction’s parent company, Kosé, tests so it’s safe to assume that Addiction tests on animals as well.

Read about my personal cruelty-free pledge here.


  1. I dig “Midnight Drive”! 😀 It seems like it kind of has a duo-chrome effect (probably a result of that seafoam green undertone) when it’s on your eyes. I really like more subtle duo-chromes like that as opposed to more bold ones (like MAC’s “Club”). They’re more understated.

    (Also, the reply you left to my comment a few posts ago was the sweetest. I feel rude for not thanking you but it was seriously nice).

    • I know what you mean! I’ve always wanted to get MAC’s Club but I didn’t know how it would translate on my eyes. I’m curious re: the new LE Maybelline Color Tattoos, though. Most of them have a nice duo-chrome.

      (Aw, no worries. 🙂 )

    • Thanks! 🙂 I appreciate that a lot because I was really shit at putting on makeup when I started this blog.

  2. I am glad, that I already have those e/s 😀 I recently got some for my friends and family and they are all blown away by the quality and pigmentation. I really like your soft and natural looks, you always look so calm in your pictures 😀 revenge looks beautiful on your skintone as well xxx

    • YAY! 🙂 Which other ones do you have? I really want to build my collection, but they’re so hard to get!

      Thank you so much, Claire. 🙂

      • Oh my, I have so many addiction e/s, haha 😀 I have four addiction palettes filled with e/s, and one filled with blushers, I think this brand is amazing! 🙂 and sadly, they really are hard to get 😦

      • AHHH! I’m so jealous, LOL. I absolutely love them and I have my eye on the Basquiat collection they’re releasing soon. Hee 😀

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