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Sample Stash Sunday: Nounou Shampoo & Conditioner by Davines*

May BDJ Box - 2013 - Davines Nounou

I received these from my BDJ Box Elite last week. You can read about that here. For this edition of Sample Stash Sunday, I actually talk about hair!

I’m the laziest freaking person when it comes to hair, so I don’t appreciate it when I have to do more than I think I have to. When I say lazy, I do mean “I don’t brush my hair” levels of lazy. The last time I used a brush was so long ago, I’ve regarded it as a distant memory. I’ve found the best shampoo (L’Oreal EverStrong) and conditioner (Organix Macadamia Oil) for my ponytail-thick hair, so I don’t like tempting the balance by trying out new things. However, this was the kind of product range that tempted me to try it. This also just goes to show you that I never learn.

This variant is for colored hair, so I was assuming that it would be more moisturizing than usual, just because treated hair usually needs more TLC because of how dry it gets.

First up is the shampoo. I don’t really care for this at all. I’m assuming it cleaned my hair (though I really don’t have a way of checking), but it didn’t lather up at all. If I’m not mistaken, sulfate is what makes your shampoo lather up, and even though this shampoo has sulfate in it, I saw no suds.

When I rinsed it out, my hair was not silky-smooth, but felt squeaky. The cleanliness is still an uncertainty for me, but at least it got rid of the oill buildup. The fact that my hair didn’t feel nourished or special after rinsing leads me to believe that these products were meant to be a tandem. I don’t think I can use this shampoo without the aid of a conditioner, which means I can’t use it, because I can’t be bothered to use conditioner every time I bathe.

Whew. Anyway.

On to the conditioner. This was alright, because it made my hair pretty smooth. I don’t care for the smell, though, and the instructions said I had to leave it in for five minutes, and really, who has the time? I followed the instructions though, and the passage of time is particularly grueling when you are waiting in the shower.

hair - davines nounouLOL say hello to my awkward picture. Anyway, it got rid of the tangles, though I think that’s mostly because I followed the instructions yet again and applied the conditioner all over my hair, running through the strands with my fingers. It felt a little heavy after I rinsed it out. It was smooth, but a little heavy, but it dried alright.

When I wet my hair for my next shower, however, my hair was not moisturized at all. It’s similar to that kind of hair texture when you take a bath, post-chlorine dip in the pool. Again, not a fan.

So, as you may have surmised, I did not particularly enjoy these products. Though, of course, things like our hair type, etc. affect our experiences with all kinds of products. What didn’t work for me may work on you. For your reference, my hair is pretty thick and my scalp is normal (aka not oily or dry).

Like I said, it’s alright, and as you can tell from the picture, my hair looks pretty good, if a little thick and in desperate need of a haircut. However, it’s not what I’m looking for right now, so
I will probably not pick these up again anytime soon.

* These products were part of the BDJ Box Elite, which was given to me to sample. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for or required to write this review.


    • Yeah, I’m not a fan. 😦

      AHHHHH I immediately made a video for one of the weeks lol. I’m an eyeshadow fiend, so this is a perfect way to pay attention to my lipsticks!

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